I am the founder and publisher of this site: Ciaran Blumenfeld aka “Momfluential”.



I’m a writer, marketer serial entrepreneur, and multi-passionate hat swapper.

I’m also a mom of 4.

This is where I and my fellow influentials  share our adventures. We eat, we play, we wander, we party! We love to bring you our fantastic finds, clever DIYs, great travel stories and local events and happenings.

Our Contributors: 


Dadfluential (AKA Jon Layne)

Known for having his finger on the pulse of pop culture, Jon has been asked by companies small and large to offer his services as an experiential consultant. His constant interaction with influencers, celebrities, musicians, and people of all agesallow him to track trends at a personal level. He’s the founder of PartyLayne Productions.

Jon enjoys living the life of a Kidult, traveling, tacos and tequila, and spending time with his wife and new arrival, his daughter, Maddie.


Latinafluential (AKA Angela Saldana)

Angela is a busy mom of four with a passion for fashion, culture, entertainment and the arts. She’s an Orange County native and a committed Momager, in addition to being a successful independent businesswoman and correspondent for Momfluential.net


Foodiefluential (AKA Tesia Beam)

Tesia is a mom to two boys, a professional photographer, and a locavore-foodie! She loves creating beautiful and healthy meals for her family from local food (as much as possible), and she is committed to promoting the concept of food sustainability among “average folks” (not just the fancy restaurants).  She is obsessed with Pinterest and the Farmers Market where she gathers inspiration for her (mostly) vegetarian, family-friendly cuisine!

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