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Wordless Wednesday: Pattern Man


I am so fortunate that my son is in a preschool class where he is adored. His teacher snapped some photos of him making patterns with blocks yesterday and sent them to me. This one has such a busy mind – always seeking out and making patterns. I love these shots.

Wordless Wednesday: Who Stole the #$%#! Tape?

Right about now, I really wish I was one of those 3M sponsored bloggers. I imagine them sitting in a pile of precut tape dispensers, happily wrapping their perfect holiday presents. I, on the other hand, am experiencing the same dilemma as every year. I got (itty itty bitty practically useless) glue dots. I have…

Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Power at OCHSA

I was blown away by these pumpkins I saw on display today. They were all painted and decorated by students at the Orange County HS for the Arts. The pumpkins are currently being auctioned, through tomorrow, if you see one you have to have. Read more about the artists in the OC Register.

Wordless Wednesday: The Bag Man

Wordless Wednesday: It Came Out of the Washer

Come back tomorrow and I’ll use my words to tell you how to make adorable sock toy creatures like these. I promise they won’t bite!

Caught in the Act! Wordless Wednesday

Yes I caught them. Doing their homework without being nagged, cajoled or otherwise egged on. On their own. I had to take a picture of that.

Wordless Wednesday: First Haircut

Lots of firsts this week, but I’m putting this first first for Wordless Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesday: Big Fat Pouty Lens Mouth

Yep, that’s me. I got a big ol’ lens for a mouth. Better to make you see things my way!

Wordless Wednesday: What’s in the Bag?

Earlier this week Allison of Petit Elefant asked me to take a picture of what’s in my bag, right now. So I dumped it out. Here’s the bag before I spilled.

Wordless Wednesday: Stuck in the Middle Child

Me and my Middle Child It’s not easy being a middle child. Which is why I am taking some time, in the middle of this week to appreciate my middle daughter. She’s at such an interesting age – the middle of childhood, the peak before the bumpy ride down to young adulthood. It strikes me…