Would You Let Your Teen Watch These Sex Ed Videos?


Warning: The videos below contain frank discussion about sex and human anatomy and more than few f-bombs, so don’t hit play if you are easily shocked and offended. When I first watched these videos, I was a little shocked. Firstly, because Laci Green looks like she could be a classmate of my 13yo daughter (surprise,…

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Coffee Talk: “Emergency” Bags for Tween & Teen Girls


I’m going to discuss a sort of sensitive subject with you, which is why I require a cup of coffee first. Pour yourself some before you read on. Remember when your kids were in preschool and you would get ready for a new school year by packing a bag with “emergency supplies”? I do. I’m…

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Kool Aid Dip Dye your Hair & Take Pics With the Kool Aid Man


Summertime is a great time for tweens and teens to try out new looks. My daughter and her friends had a blast dip dying their hair with Kool Aid and taking pictures with Kool Aid Man via the Kraft Foods Photo Booth App. Here’s a short video and full instructions for dying hair & taking…

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The Perfect Age for Disney


I’ve just returned from Disneyworld. It was a lovely, idyllic trip. We brought our two sons, and we left the tween/teen girls behind. People gave us a look when we first announced this plan. One of those “Are you really sure you know what you are doing with this whole parenting thing?” looks.  How could…

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How To Chalk Your Hair: Temporary Streaks {Tutorial}


Ever wish you could do something wild with your hair? Wild but not permanent, expensive or difficult? Chalking is for you. It’s easy, (relatively) cheap and fast. Results last around 3 shampoos.  Here is what you’ll need: It’s easiest if you wet the chalk by dipping in the water. Use your fingertips to dampen the…

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You Can’t Call your Teenager in “Snooki”

Picture 11

I thought I’d heard it all when it came to reasons for missing school. Injuries, illness, bad hair days, break-ups, boyfriends. Really, really, bad PMS. But this was a new one. I was attending a conference when my cell phone started to jiggle and buzz urgently and repeatedly. Note: This is the sort of thing…

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