Bollare’s Children’s Fashion Preview Spring 2014


Bollare introduced fabulous 2014 spring fashion for kids in their chic showroom in Los Angeles, California, sharing celebrity favorites and hot new brands. Collections on display for trendy tots were: Catimini, Yubo, Platypus Australia, CHOOZE, BLANK NYC, Rachel Pally, Tori Praver!   Mini fashionistas can lunch in style with Yubo’s customized lunchboxes (featured on SharkTank)….

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The Safe Way to Share your Tech With your Kids!


Thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this post. Click here to see more of the discussion. Like most moms I know, I’m a bit of a control freak about my tech. I don’t want to hand my cell phone over to anyone. Ever. Until I’m stuck in traffic with bickering kids, or trying to grocery shop with a toddler. Desperate…

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Revolutionary Thought: Bring Back the Blackboard


It’s probably a sign of my age that I can remember being assigned to clean the blackboard erasers. Standing on the blacktop, clapping together the felted erasers and creating a massive cloud of dust was a cheap thrill that we all vied for. It made us feel very important. I probably lost some vital lung…

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Turning Cyber Security into Child’s Play with Hax Attacks


Recently I found a photo of my daughter making a silly face, posted in my instagram stream. “Hacked!!!” the caption read. In this case it was harmless. In many others, its not. It’s a common practice amongst teens and tweens, getting a hold of someone else’s unprotected phone and posting images in their feed. Sometimes…

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Medieval Times is a Blast for Kids


The summer I turned 21, my parents took my then boyfriend (now husband) and I to a new place that had just opened up in New Jersey. Medieval Times! You with your hands while watching jousting tournaments based on old time games. The British accents were barely believable. The plot lines were corny. Yes, it…

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Toddlers on a Leash: Heel Baby!


I always said I was “practicing” my parenting on my dog, prior to having kids. After all, there are a lot of similarities to training a dog and parenting. You have to be consistent, firm and loving. You have to establish who is in charge. You have to feed them regularly and yep, there is…

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