Corn Kugel for Thanksgivukkah


The possibilities for a tasty Thanksgivukkah are endless. Jews know how to work a sweet potato, and casseroles are our happy place. Toss in Jewish holiday that embraces frying and dairy with a secular one featuring turkey and savory pies and what could go wrong? I knew from the start that I would be featuring…

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Bratz Doll Boot Menorah


The thing about having teen/tween girls is that you still probably have a bunch of bits and baubles around from their childhood that you cling to. Like mismatched doll shoes in a bin under the bed. Though you know you should get rid of them, you don’t get around to it. And then Hanukah rolls…

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DIY Star Wars Lego Glow Stick Menorah


Some ideas are so obvious that it takes me a decade of parenting to come up with them. Every year I have a little tantrum about how each of my kids, even the toddlers want to light their own menorah, and hold the candles and carry them around and please mommy can I have a…

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DIY Plastic Dinosaur Menorah Tutorial


I’m always amazed that there aren’t more awesome Menorah tutorials out there. If ever there was an object ripe for the crafting, this is it. It’s like the Christmas Wreath of the Jewish world. My kids have made menorahs at school every year and I cherish them, I really do. But there’s only so many…

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Gluten Free Mini Hanukkah Sufganiyot Donuts With Nutella Filling


Let me tell you about the things that are not a part of my life January through November. These include: Donuts Chocolate filling Anything fried This explains the (hopefully temporary) weight gain I experience each December when I set off on my quest to make the perfect gluten free Hanukkah Donut (aka Sufganiyot). I like…

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{Ikea Hack} Giant Lawn Menorahs from Fangst & Fniss

We live in one of those neighborhoods that goes all out for the holidays. Competition and cash prizes for the tract with the most holiday spirit. Our home is on a prominent corner, ripe for over the top decor. However… we are Jews. We were uncomfortable, therefore, when the neighborhood committee presented us with luminaria…

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BYOL (Bring your own Latkes) Kveller Hanukah Twitter Party

Have any plans this Monday night? Ready to get into the Hanukah spirit? Come join (and me!) on Twitter at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST for a fun chat about Hanukah traditions, Hanukah gifts, Hanukah decor and of course… the FOOD. We want to know your latke secret. There will be prizes of course. Such…

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{Recipe} Dizzy Dreidel Cookies

I’ve adapted this recipe from my grandmother’s classic vanilla/chocolate pinwheel cookie recipe.In place of the melted chocolate, we used a few drops of blue gel food coloring to tint half the dough blue. We packaged in gift bags with a dreidel attached. Note: try a glue dot on the stem of the dreidel to keep…

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