Easy Gluten-Free Apple-Pear Tart


Certain things from the time “before” I was Gluten Free (over a decade ago!) I still miss. Warm apple pie, topped with ice cream, for example. It’s not impossible to find a decent gluten free pie crust. It’s just difficult and involves a lot of driving to multiple stores in search of that one mix/crust…

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Healthy Trader Joes Cold Lentil Salad

This recipe comes from my pal Katherine. All the ingredients can be purchased at Trader Joes. Hello, easy dinner! Love that. Adjust quantities to suit your taste buds and your family size. 1 package steamed lentils (with the produce) Yukon Gold Potatoes – steamed/boiled and chunked Shredded Carrots (these also come in a bag, in…

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Easy Chicken Mushroom Crockpot Ragout


This dish was a leftover concoction that turned into one of the tastiest dinners ever. So I had to share! It’s somewhere between a stew and a soup. The broth is so incredibly rich and flavorful. I called it a chicken mushroom crockpot ragout for lack of a better name!  Bonus – it is gluten free….

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Gluten, Egg, Soy, Dairy, and Nut Free Suganiyot Donuts

Picture 41

They said it couldn’t be done. Which was my invitation to try. Last night I took my original Gluten free donut recipe and re-calibrated it to make it free of several more allergens, all of which my niece cannot eat. Here are my modifications: I used a flour mix that was mostly Rice flour with…

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I Hate My Guts: 10 Things About Being Gluten Free


This past weekend was a sucker punch. A one two disaster of epic gastric distress proportion. My freak flag flew high. The headline: Girl Gets Served “Gluten Free” Pizza That isn’t Gluten Free. The weekend retreat was promising. But the first night’s restaurant was horrid. After realizing they’d poisoned me, they grabbed the evidence, ran…

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Gluten Free Lunch: Parfait Honey!


Here is my third lunchbox selection, using some of the treats that I received from Udi’s Gluten Free. It used to be hard to enjoy a parfait. Finding good Gluten Free Granola was a chore. Now that I have found Udi’s Gluten Free Granola putting together a nice little DIY (healthy) Sundae is easy. This…

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