Cool Colorful Keppies: Free Knit Kippot Pattern


I started making these colorful hats for a couple of reasons. My kids attend a Jewish Day school where they are required to wear a kippah or “yarmulke”, if you are old school or skullcap if you are really really old school. Of the three terms, I think I like kippa best. It sounds like…

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Twitter Party with Home Depot & Martha StewartThursday, August 1, 2013 8-9 pm ET #DIHWorkshop #ad


Do you love DIY? Are you handy around the house or do you just wish you were? I love doing DIY projects and crafting, but admit there are certain skills that I lack, which prevents me from tackling crafting and home care projects that I wish I could do myself.  This is why I admire…

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Giant Lawn Menorah Ikea Variera Hack


We have a funny family tradition at Hanukkah. It started over ten years ago when we felt pressured by our neighbors to decorate/light our house for the holidays. Our hood goes all out and gets competitive with it. There are cash prizes to the most well lit tract in our little town. Cash = awesome…

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Simple, Classic Upcycled Bottle Menorah

photo 22

Here’s a menorah that requires a little shopping but not a lot of crafting. Anyone can put one like this one (currently on my mantle) together. I’ve seen a lot of menorahs made from multiple bottle of the same size and color but I’m partial to a mix and match approach, so long as you…

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Easy, Safe Glowstick Menorah for Little Kids


Here is a super simple and festive menorah that can be crafted and enjoyed by even the preschool set, with a little bit of supervision and assistance. The end result looks great and is safe to keep in a bedroom, on the shelf without any fear of fire. I give you the foam tube, glow…

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DIY Star Wars Lego Glow Stick Menorah


Some ideas are so obvious that it takes me a decade of parenting to come up with them. Every year I have a little tantrum about how each of my kids, even the toddlers want to light their own menorah, and hold the candles and carry them around and please mommy can I have a…

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DIY Plastic Dinosaur Menorah Tutorial


I’m always amazed that there aren’t more awesome Menorah tutorials out there. If ever there was an object ripe for the crafting, this is it. It’s like the Christmas Wreath of the Jewish world. My kids have made menorahs at school every year and I cherish them, I really do. But there’s only so many…

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