The Kids are Watching: Modeling Responsible Alcohol Use


When it comes to responsible alcohol consumption, I consider myself very fortunate to have had good role models growing up. I’ve never once seen my parents drunk. The closest I’ve observed to my parents being “under the influence” was once or twice when they were a little buzzed from a third glass of wine at…

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7 Reasons to Use Your #VisaSignature Card & The Luxury Hotel Collection Site to Book Your Next Trip

VisaSignatureVegas - 05

  Do you have a Visa card in your wallet? If you do, get it out right now and  check the bottom right hand corner to see if it is a Visa Signature card.  Chances are good if your card is issued through Wells Fargo, Chase, US Bank, Bank of America, Capital One or United’s…

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Family Photography from Classic Kids Newport & the LTYM Show

Classic Kids Newport LTYM auditions - 15

I love synchronicity. Many years ago (7!) I reviewed Classic Kids Newport Photography Studios and in doing so I became friends with Michelle,  the head photographer who took the most beautiful photos of my children, including precious newborn photos of my youngest son.  These three photos remain my favorites. The glare from the glass doesn’t do them…

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Turning Picky Eaters into Food Adventurers in New Orleans


My 10 year old son is famous in our family for his finicky palate.  He came into the world a picky eater, which is not always easy when you are born into a family of adventurous eaters. “A bowl of plain pasta, butter and cheese on the side. No sauce. ” That was our standard…

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Magical Rainbow Hidden Mickey Cake


My son asked for another Hidden Mickey cake this year.  With a twist. He wanted rainbows inside. The theme for his Birthday party was Fantasia and references to the Sorcerer’s apprentice were plentiful. I thought I’d try my hand at some magic of my own. I’ve always wanted to try out a “twice baked” cake…

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