The Pacific Edge Bungalows In Laguna Beach Dream Staycation: Giveaway

Pacific Edge Beachfront

SoCal offers the best beaches and idyllic weather. Yet it’s easy to lose track of how lucky we are to live in California, when you live, and work here. Even though it’s only a few miles from home – there are whole months that pass without my sticking my feet in the sand.  Every time…

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Gift the Experience of a Lifetime with Cloud 9 Living


A few years ago, when I was wringing my hands about talking a family trip vs getting a fancier new car, a friend advised me to take the trip. She pointed out that travel and other experiences are a much better long term investment than things. Here was her reasoning. Experiences are a better investment than…

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Awesome Blog Spotlight: Travel Blonde has the Inside Scoop on Cruising & More!

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.47.19 PM

This week we are highlighting Travel Blonde in our Awesome Blog Spotlight. Can you sense a travel theme emerging this summer? I’ve known Maureen, the author for almost 20 years.  But it wasn’t blogging that brought us together. It was adoption. Before I became a mom I was an active participant in online adoption chat…

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