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Dadfluential’s New Parent Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Dadfluential holiday gifts for comfort and joy

Some items selected for this this guide were sampled for review, others were purchased. All opinions and experiences are my own   In the wide world of baby products, there are standouts. These are the items that bring babies comfort and joy. This brings parents comfort and joy as well. If you have new or soon…

DIY Flame Free Disney Vinylmation Menorah

Disney Vinylmation Menorah

Every single year my kids ask for a Disney Menorah. There really aren’t a lot out there. Every single year I make a menorah (or several). This year I decided to make a Disney Menorah, and let me tell you non crafty types – this DIY is for YOU! There is no cutting or glueing…

Dadfluential’s New Parent Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

Dadfluential Holiday Gift Guide

Some items selected for this this guide were sampled for review, others were purchased. All opinions and experiences are my own As a brand new dad, I’ve had to come up to speed fast on the world of baby products. I’ve made it through the first couple of months of parenthood and I’ve learned a lot!…

Lifeproof Fre for iPhone 6 is a Must Have


Thanks to Lifeproof for providing us with a Fre test case for the iPhone 6 so that we could experience their latest and greatest. All opinions are my own! I’m not sure what it is about the iPhone 6 but our family has set a new record for repairs needed since upgrading. Within days of…

How Beaches All Inclusive Resorts Do Multi-Generational Vacations Right

beaches turks and caicos family vacation

Thanks to Beaches Turks & Caicos and Social Media on the Sand for introducing me to this resort. As a conference speaker, a portion of my trip was sponsored. All opinions are my own.  There is travel and then there are vacations. I won’t lie and say they are one and the same. They both…

Ten PLUS Fun Things for Teens to Do at Disneyland Resort Parks During the Holidays


Thanks to Disney for inviting our family to participate in the Disneyland Holiday Blogger Preview. All opinions are my own. One of the reasons our family loves Disneyland so much is because there is something for everyone, every age, every gender.  My fairly mature and well behaved teens at Disneyland can enjoy safe solo wandering…

An Interview With The Disneyland Goats: Holiday Edition


Thanks to the Disneyland Parks for inviting us to their Holiday Blogger Celebration. All opinions are our own. One of our favorite things to do at the Disneyland Parks in Southern California, is to stop by and chat with Disneyland Goats. They are friendly and adorable and we’ve found that they have a lot of…

Breaking News: Snow Blizzard Hits Legoland for the Holidays!

Legoland Snow Tubing

Thank you Legoland for inviting us to your Holiday Snow Day Preview. All opinions are on my own.  Bring out the winter coats, scarfs, and gloves. It’s Holiday Snow Days at Legoland! Now through January 4th  head on to Legoland to experience the holiday magic. Legoland has converted their park into a Lego winter wonderland!  Powdered…

The Perfect Winter Shoe Wardrobe for Travelers


Thanks to Shoebuy for partnering with me on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own!  Living in So Cal, shoes are an afterthought – something to be worn when I leave home. There are ten pairs of flip flops in my downstairs closet, ranging from pool worthy to formal….

Winter Travel To Do: Take a Norweigan Cruise to See Northern Lights


Thanks to Hurtigruten Cruises for sponsoring today’s content There’s a conversation that comes up every single time you get a group of travel bloggers together. “So…have you seen the Northern Lights yet?” “Yeah,” I fake-casual shrug when asked. “I saw ‘em in Siberia.” I usually fail to mention that it was summer in Siberia when I…