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The Perfect Winter Shoe Wardrobe for Travelers


Thanks to Shoebuy for partnering with me on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own!  Living in So Cal, shoes are an afterthought – something to be worn when I leave home. There are ten pairs of flip flops in my downstairs closet, ranging from pool worthy to formal….

Winter Travel To Do: Take a Norweigan Cruise to See Northern Lights


Thanks to Hurtigruten Cruises for sponsoring today’s content There’s a conversation that comes up every single time you get a group of travel bloggers together. “So…have you seen the Northern Lights yet?” “Yeah,” I fake-casual shrug when asked. “I saw ‘em in Siberia.” I usually fail to mention that it was summer in Siberia when I…

Would You Recognize a Time Traveler Disguised as a Modern Hipster Photographer?


The vintage bellows camera pointed at the Parthenon was somewhat hard to miss. It looked like a prop. A piece left behind by some period production, filming atop the Acropolis.  It looked so wrong and yet so weirdly right. Attached to the back of the accordion-like lens, was an (also vintage, but more recent) polaroid…

Gem o Rama is the Filthiest, Weirdest, Awesomest So Cal Field Trip You Can’t Miss

gem o rama in trona crystal finds

The empty grey highway unfurled before us. A dusty typewriter ribbon. Adventure, waiting to be written. It was midnight on a Friday and the two lane road was the only thing visible in the pitch black darkness. The kids were fast asleep in the back, my husband at the wheel. I fought the urge to nod…

Free Halloween Fun At Disney Store Locations Nationwide October 17th and 18th!

Anna & Elsa

Looking for free family fun this weekend? With four kiddos our family excursions can get expensive…. That is why I am always on the lookout for free fun! This weekend Disney Store locations nationwide will host  a special “Halloween Dress Rehearsal!”  Kids can dress up as the favorite Disney character and participate in some great kid…

I Had a Dream That I Went to ROAR Retreat in Costa Rica and I Thought I was in Oz

photo 1

The supersaturated green outside the airplane window strained my sight. It was almost painful to my drought-accustomed eyes. Months without rain had apparently weakened my vision. I’d grown accustomed to a parboiled palette of sage and sand. Kelly and hunter greens, vivid emerald and celadon floated by.  Slashes of chartreuse and swathes of mantis cut…

Can You Guess Which Disney Costumes Disney Celebs and Disney Kids Pick for Themselves?

Francesca Capaldi at Disney Party

Thanks to Disney for hosting us for this event! Disney always has great kids costumes, year round. They are the go-to source for so many moms & kids including celebs. Scroll down to see some of the celeb selections! Why not? You can’t go wrong with a Disney costume! It’s a sure thing. You know…

Knott’s Berry Farm 2015 Annual Pass Now A Screaming Deal!

Knott's Fun

Patty is ecstatic about you and your family visiting her and the gang at Knott’s Berry Farm! Now is the ideal time to purchase your 2015 Annual Pass for Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s is offering super easy payment plans so you can bring your families out to play. Purchase now and you are eligible for one…

Epic Food Gawking at The Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC


Pulling kids out of school to travel is frowned upon, but in my opinion, New York City gets an exception. Taking my teenaged daughters to NYC, the city I immersed myself in at their age, has made me feel more whole. There’s something transformative about bringing your kids to the places that meant much to…

How a Hotel Chain That Used to Cater to Business Travelers, Became a Pretty Great Family Choice


Thanks to Embassy Suites for hosting our family for one night in La Jolla. All opinions are my own. Traveling with kids is one of my favorite things. But it’s not always easy or affordable. With 4 kids it can be tricky to find lodgings that are comfortable for us. But let’s face it. It…