I Made Claire’s Outlander Cowl

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Ever since I started watching, I have been obsessed with the knit fashions on Outlander. They show up on each episode. It all started with Claire’s cowl though. The instant I saw it, I knew I was going to try and recreate it. I just hoped someone else would join me on that trek and…

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Amazing DIY Captain America Duct Tape Costume Made by an 11yo


My friend Shanna’s 11 year old son has blown his family and friends (and me!) away with this clever DIY duct tape costume that he made all by himself. It’s economical, creative and just incredibly executed. He originally got the idea one night when he could not sleep and started thinking about ways to make…

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Cool Colorful Keppies: Free Knit Kippot Pattern


I started making these colorful hats for a couple of reasons. My kids attend a Jewish Day school where they are required to wear a kippah or “yarmulke”, if you are old school or skullcap if you are really really old school. Of the three terms, I think I like kippa best. It sounds like…

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Lobos Baby Back Ribs With Strawberry BBQ Sauce

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In March, California Strawberries  took Momfluential  to Oxnard California to explore Terry Farms.  During our visit we tasted several delicious strawberry inspired recipes that were to die for.The Lobos Truck was kind enough to share one of my favorite recipes with us, so I can share it with you! . Part One – The Ribs:…

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