Curried Coconut Chicken Salad with Ginger


This is my family’s favorite chicken salad and especially great to make ahead and serve for dinner on a hot summer night. I love making chicken salad because it is so easy and fast to whip up and saves us from the takeout trap. This recipe makes a ton and still… it never lasts. Even…

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Magical Rainbow Hidden Mickey Cake


My son asked for another Hidden Mickey cake this year.  With a twist. He wanted rainbows inside. The theme for his Birthday party was Fantasia and references to the Sorcerer’s apprentice were plentiful. I thought I’d try my hand at some magic of my own. I’ve always wanted to try out a “twice baked” cake…

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Easy Gluten-Free Apple-Pear Tart


Certain things from the time “before” I was Gluten Free (over a decade ago!) I still miss. Warm apple pie, topped with ice cream, for example. It’s not impossible to find a decent gluten free pie crust. It’s just difficult and involves a lot of driving to multiple stores in search of that one mix/crust…

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Trader Joes Dinner: Mini Tapenade Pizzas


Since I am still buried in heirloom tomatoes, I’m challenging myself to come up with inventive dinners that include them. There are only so many Caprese salads I can stomach, as fabulous as Caprese salad may be. I made up this simple recipe while perusing the aisles at Trader Joes 1 Package Trader Joes Pizza…

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Snowman Advent Calendar For Kids That Can Hardly Wait- Keurig K-Cup DIY

Snowman Advent Calendar

My chiquitos can hardly wait for Christmas to arrive. The anticipation for them is unbearable. Advent Calendars are a great way to give your kids treats during the holiday season and keep them from driving mom crazy. For this year’s countdown I decided to make my kids a  Keurig K-Cup DIY Advent Calendar in the shape…

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Simple Bulgarian Shopska Salad

simple shopska salad - so good!

I just got back from the Greek islands where I got accustomed to eating Greek Salad every single day. It’s a lot like my favorite Israeli salad – I get addicted quickly. How does this lead to Bulgarian salad? Because I was showing signs of withdrawal I picked up some Bulgarian (ie REAL sheeps milk,…

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Easy Slow Cooker Inside Out Stuffed Cabbage Soup from Trader Joes


Some days you need to come home to a warm and comforting dinner. But you don’t want to measure, fuss… think. That’s when this Stuffed Cabbage soup recipe is your BFF. All of the ingredients except for a bit of Italian seasoning that I added, came from Trader Joes.  The recipe uses the whole bag/can…

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Grateful Heart Pumpkin Pinwheel Cookies


Of all my cookie recipes, my grandmother’s Pinwheel Cookies are my favorite. I’ve used the same basic recipe and adapted it to make my Dizzy Dreidel Pinwheel cookies, and now I’m adding in a new Thanksgiving Pinwheel Cookies twist. Grateful Heart Pinwheel Cookies. My grandmother was a very patient and kind woman. She didn’t have…

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