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Lobos Baby Back Ribs With Strawberry BBQ Sauce

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In March, California Strawberries  took Momfluential  to Oxnard California to explore Terry Farms.  During our visit we tasted several delicious strawberry inspired recipes that were to die for.The Lobos Truck was kind enough to share one of my favorite recipes with us, so I can share it with you! . Part One – The Ribs:…

Easy Crispy Baked Ravioli with Onederful White Cream Dipping Sauce


Thank You Pulmuone Foods for inviting Momfluential to your kitchen. All opinions are my own. I am always on the go and our family life is extremely hectic. Balancing work and home life is a challenge. Dinner… I hate to admit it, but dinner is often a quick fix or a pick up from a…

DIY Indulgent S’mores Marshmallow Pops


The other day we were invited to a backyard movie night to celebrate a sweet little girl’s Birthday.  I never like to go empty handed but these days my hands are full - I needed a super easy yet crazy cool item to take over with us.  Being the weekend after the 4th of July, I…

Decadent Guilt & Gluten Free Squash Lasagna With Lamb

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Our garden is busting with squash this year. We’ve got some weird crossbreed plants (oops plant nursery!) that are especially prolific, churning out the yellow, green and half yellow/half green veggies.   My goals: Use up a lot of squash on healthy recipes Make sure my family doesn’t get entirely sick of eating squash I’ve…

Patriotic Mickey Mouse Balloon Arch

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I was standing in the paint department at Home Depot buying paint on Memorial Day weekend. Totally distracted. They had a balloon arch over the counter that seemed relatively easy to make. The balloons were all tied on to a length of thin pvc pipe. In my mind’s eye, I added Mickey mouse ears to…

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad


Here’s a super simple to make Fourth of July Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad that will show your #Disneyside. You will need: 1 medium seedless watermelon 1 large honeydew melon or other white or near white fleshed melon. 2 small containers of blueberries Mickey Mouse cookie cutter small star shaped cookie cutter To make the shapes…

Game Of Thrones Barbecue Free Printable for Father’s Day

Game of Thrones Barbecue Free Printable

This Father’s Day… Barbecue is coming! My husband is a huge Game of Thrones fan. So much so that I agreed to watch with him. And by watch, I mean peek out between my fingers in horror half the time. It’s a good thing he’s read all the books so he can explain stuff and…

Yoplait Greek and Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits for the Morning Win!


Thanks to Yoplait Greek and Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits for Sponsoring this Post and bringing us some great new healthy breakfast options. All opinions  are my own.  Our mornings are always hectic. Crazy. Four kids out the door by 7 am crazy. We have long commutes at early hours. Breakfast can be a challenge. Much…

HomeGoods Giveaway – Turn Your Closet into a Personal Boutique


Thanks to HomeGoods for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to make my “closet boutique” dream come true.  When I was in college, I earned travel money with a jewelry business. I roamed the world with my earnings, collecting baubles and beads for later crafting as I went. I no longer sell jewelry but I…

365 Days of California Strawberries Culinary Event

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 Thank you California Strawberries and Commissioners for hosting MOMFLUENTIAL for the Strawberry Culinary Event. All opinions are my own. Father Edgar Terry and son Will Terry are fourth and fifth generation strawberry farmers. Last month California Strawberries took MOMFLUENTIAL to Oxnard California on an educational tour to learn more about strawberries and the farming industry….