A Back to School Adventure with Fjallraven


I was walking through Nordstrom when I first spied a Fjallraven backpack. Or maybe that was just the first time I saw one for sale, here. There was something so immediately familiar and right about these classic, gorgeously simple backpacks that I felt like I’d know them all my life. If you haven’t taken note…

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Liquid Oxygen Delivers Clear Skin Without Burning or Bleaching


  I have two teenaged daughters, both who have done battle with acne, and both who have skin that is sensitive (in different ways) and prone to outbreaks of one type or another. My older daughter first discovered Liquid Oxygen at Getting Gorgeous in New York. We are frequent flyers at the dermatologist’s office. I…

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Does Your Kid Have Star Quality? Audition for An Agent Showcase August 6th!

Diane Christiansen Coaching

My middle child has always striven to stand out in our family.  She has a great passion for acting, singing, and dancing. I’ll never forget her belting out,  “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!” in her little 3 year old voice, as we drove around running errands in the SUV.  Her love for the arts…

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