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The Perfect Winter Shoe Wardrobe for Travelers


Thanks to Shoebuy for partnering with me on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own!  Living in So Cal, shoes are an afterthought – something to be worn when I leave home. There are ten pairs of flip flops in my downstairs closet, ranging from pool worthy to formal….

Simple Bulgarian Shopska Salad

simple shopska salad - so good!

I just got back from the Greek islands where I got accustomed to eating Greek Salad every single day. It’s a lot like my favorite Israeli salad – I get addicted quickly. How does this lead to Bulgarian salad? Because I was showing signs of withdrawal I picked up some Bulgarian (ie REAL sheeps milk,…

Easy Slow Cooker Inside Out Stuffed Cabbage Soup from Trader Joes


Some days you need to come home to a warm and comforting dinner. But you don’t want to measure, fuss… think. That’s when this Stuffed Cabbage soup recipe is your BFF. All of the ingredients except for a bit of Italian seasoning that I added, came from Trader Joes.  The recipe uses the whole bag/can…

Grateful Heart Pumpkin Pinwheel Cookies


Of all my cookie recipes, my grandmother’s Pinwheel Cookies are my favorite. I’ve used the same basic recipe and adapted it to make my Dizzy Dreidel Pinwheel cookies, and now I’m adding in a new Thanksgiving Pinwheel Cookies twist. Grateful Heart Pinwheel Cookies. My grandmother was a very patient and kind woman. She didn’t have…

If You Didn’t Play With This Stuff, You Didn’t Grow Up in the 70s & 80s


Thanks to Fat Brain Toys , one of my favorite online toy shops,  for inviting me to be a part of their Partners in Play program and sponsoring this content. This post originally appeared on the Fat Brain Toys site. All opinions are my own.  Long before I came up with the names for my future…

Would You Recognize a Time Traveler Disguised as a Modern Hipster Photographer?


The vintage bellows camera pointed at the Parthenon was somewhat hard to miss. It looked like a prop. A piece left behind by some period production, filming atop the Acropolis.  It looked so wrong and yet so weirdly right. Attached to the back of the accordion-like lens, was an (also vintage, but more recent) polaroid…

What This Amazing Dream About Ninja Parrots Taught Our Family

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.01.20 PM

A few weeks ago I published my son Leo’s Cyborg Gorilla Jungle Party Dream. Some of you wondered what I was feeding my kids before bed, and whether there were artificial colors and flavors involved. Today I’m sharing Fox’s dream about Ninja Parrots. You’ll have to watch the video to see what he learned. But…

Artists Share Stories at The 2014 Catalina Film Festival

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.28.08 PM

  Thank you Catalina Film Festival for inviting us to cover the event. All opinions are my own.  For decades,  artists, filmmakers and celebrities have been making their way out to Catalina island for inspiration. Just far enough from Hollywood to clear the mind and refresh the spirit. Clear blue waters, idyllic southern Cali weather,  and…

Gem o Rama is the Filthiest, Weirdest, Awesomest So Cal Field Trip You Can’t Miss

gem o rama in trona crystal finds

The empty grey highway unfurled before us. A dusty typewriter ribbon. Adventure, waiting to be written. It was midnight on a Friday and the two lane road was the only thing visible in the pitch black darkness. The kids were fast asleep in the back, my husband at the wheel. I fought the urge to nod…

Morir Es Vivir! Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos By Expressing Your Morbid Side – Here’s an Easy Makeup Tutorial

Clarissa Dia De Los Muertos Final Look

Morir Es Vivir! (To die is to live) My familia really loves Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead). I am no makeup pro. Clarissa and I experimented with face paint and came up with this simple tutorial to share with you. We hope this inspires you to get creative and try this at home!…