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Five Halloween Activities that Won’t Freak Out Little Kids at Knott’s Camp Spooky

Camp Spooky Costume Contest

  Thank you Knott’s Berry Farm for inviting us to experience Camp Spooky. All opinions are our own.  Halloween can be hard on a little kid. There’s the candy and the costumes which are fun, but there’s also the ghastly ghostly gorey stuff. Not fun, especially for sensitive kids! Every year when Halloween rolls around…

Free Halloween Fun At Disney Store Locations Nationwide October 17th and 18th!

Anna & Elsa

Looking for free family fun this weekend? With four kiddos our family excursions can get expensive…. That is why I am always on the lookout for free fun! This weekend Disney Store locations nationwide will host  a special “Halloween Dress Rehearsal!”  Kids can dress up as the favorite Disney character and participate in some great kid…

Can You Guess Which Disney Costumes Disney Celebs and Disney Kids Pick for Themselves?

Francesca Capaldi at Disney Party

Thanks to Disney for hosting us for this event! Disney always has great kids costumes, year round. They are the go-to source for so many moms & kids including celebs. Scroll down to see some of the celeb selections! Why not? You can’t go wrong with a Disney costume! It’s a sure thing. You know…

The AmazingTechnicolor Imagination of a 6 yr Old That Makes All Your Dreams Seem Boring By Comparison

draw my dream Leo Cyborg

Sure you are clever and creative. You tell great stories. I get it. But let’s face it. This 6 yr old tells better stories. Yes I am biased, because this is MY 6 yr old, but I’m still incredibly blown away by the way his imagination works. Three eyed Gorillas hosting disco parties in hidden…

Dine in Style At SeaLegs Wine Bar: Enter To Win A $50 Gift Certificate!

SeaLegs Loung Area

Sometimes we all need to break away from the never-ending Mommy madness at home. Time for a GNO – Girl’s Night Out! I made plans to meet my good friend Sandra for dinner and drinks at SeaLegs wine bar. I couldn’t wait to try this new place out as there’s been positive buzz. But seeing…

Epic Food Gawking at The Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC


Pulling kids out of school to travel is frowned upon, but in my opinion, New York City gets an exception. Taking my teenaged daughters to NYC, the city I immersed myself in at their age, has made me feel more whole. There’s something transformative about bringing your kids to the places that meant much to…

How Our AT&T Landline Phone Fosters Better Connections

Vtech Phone with Natural Sound & Intercome

Thanks to Advanced American Telephones for Sponsoring the Post and sending the EL52203 Cordless Handset System for us to try. All opinions are my own.  We are big talkers. Our family is spread out all over the country, and beyond.  We love to call each other when we are far away, and when we are near….

These Dads Made a Parody of Making Their Wives Shop at Thrift Stores for Their Kids (and they ended up looking awesome)

Kids Dressed in Thrift Shop Clothes Look Awesome

So in love with this Thrift Store Parody video. Not sure how I missed it but it still plays fresh. These toddlers look just as adorable dressed up in their Thrift Shop gear as in expensive boutique clothing. When my kids were little, resale shops and thrift shops were a staple for me. I got…

2 VIP Pass Giveaway To The 2014 Catalina Film Festival!

Catalina Film Festival

  Enter the Rafflecopter by Monday September 22nd at 11:59 am to win! On September 24-28th Catalina Film Festival will host their 2014 film celebration and we are thrilled to be giving away 2 VIP passes to this amazing local event. The winner can select one day of the event to attend along with a…

I Made Claire’s Outlander Cowl

photo 1

Ever since I started watching, I have been obsessed with the knit fashions on Outlander. They show up on each episode. It all started with Claire’s cowl though. The instant I saw it, I knew I was going to try and recreate it. I just hoped someone else would join me on that trek and…