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I Had a Dream That I Went to ROAR Retreat in Costa Rica and I Thought I was in Oz

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The supersaturated green outside the airplane window strained my sight. It was almost painful to my drought-accustomed eyes. Months without rain had apparently weakened my vision. I’d grown accustomed to a parboiled palette of sage and sand. Kelly and hunter greens, vivid emerald and celadon floated by.  Slashes of chartreuse and swathes of mantis cut…

Stars Share on The Red Carpet for Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Red Carpet for Alexander and Terrible, Horrible... Day

Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner’s latest film, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day premieres in theaters this week. Teenfluential correspondants Ani Maso and Clarissa Camacho were at the premiere, and got to speak with several familiar cast members and Disney stars about what makes a bad day terrible, what’s new in…

The AmazingTechnicolor Imagination of a 6 yr Old That Makes All Your Dreams Seem Boring By Comparison

draw my dream Leo Cyborg

Sure you are clever and creative. You tell great stories. I get it. But let’s face it. This 6 yr old tells better stories. Yes I am biased, because this is MY 6 yr old, but I’m still incredibly blown away by the way his imagination works. Three eyed Gorillas hosting disco parties in hidden…

Epic Food Gawking at The Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, NYC


Pulling kids out of school to travel is frowned upon, but in my opinion, New York City gets an exception. Taking my teenaged daughters to NYC, the city I immersed myself in at their age, has made me feel more whole. There’s something transformative about bringing your kids to the places that meant much to…

How Our AT&T Landline Phone Fosters Better Connections

Vtech Phone with Natural Sound & Intercome

Thanks to Advanced American Telephones for Sponsoring the Post and sending the EL52203 Cordless Handset System for us to try. All opinions are my own.  We are big talkers. Our family is spread out all over the country, and beyond.  We love to call each other when we are far away, and when we are near….

How a Hotel Chain That Used to Cater to Business Travelers, Became a Pretty Great Family Choice


Thanks to Embassy Suites for hosting our family for one night in La Jolla. All opinions are my own. Traveling with kids is one of my favorite things. But it’s not always easy or affordable. With 4 kids it can be tricky to find lodgings that are comfortable for us. But let’s face it. It…

Unique Boutiques and Fabulous Finds Found Shopping in Tamarindo

I arrived a couple of days early to ROAR 14, which was a treat as I had the chance to go shopping in Tamarindo with my friend Andrea Feldman who is one of the retreat organizers. Andrea has been living in Costa Rica for the last year or so, and just relocated to Playa Conchal…

These Dads Made a Parody of Making Their Wives Shop at Thrift Stores for Their Kids (and they ended up looking awesome)

Kids Dressed in Thrift Shop Clothes Look Awesome

So in love with this Thrift Store Parody video. Not sure how I missed it but it still plays fresh. These toddlers look just as adorable dressed up in their Thrift Shop gear as in expensive boutique clothing. When my kids were little, resale shops and thrift shops were a staple for me. I got…

If Disney Princes Were Real – Funny Buzzfeed Video!

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This video parody of what life would be like if Disney Princes were real, really cracked us up! Have you dated (or married) any of these guys?

I Made Claire’s Outlander Cowl

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Ever since I started watching, I have been obsessed with the knit fashions on Outlander. They show up on each episode. It all started with Claire’s cowl though. The instant I saw it, I knew I was going to try and recreate it. I just hoped someone else would join me on that trek and…