Get Ready For Camp & Win Prizes with Mabel’s Labels #CampMabel Chat!


Are you sending kids off to summer camp this year? I am and as a result it’s high time for me to stock up on labels. Mabel’s Labels are the main reason our camp gear comes home year after year! Please join me @Mabelhood and @HollywoodHotMom for a Twitter Party on Thursay night. We’ll be…

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Tea Collection Hosts Inspiring Catalog and Sweepstakes

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.45.48 AM

Have you seen the gorgeous new Tea Collection catalog? I’m old enough to remember looking forward to great catalogs in the mail. My favorites were the ones that told great stories and brough the world to light –  J.Peterman comes to mind. Tea Collection has done just that. Their most recent catalog (and web version…

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The Kids are Watching: Modeling Responsible Alcohol Use


When it comes to responsible alcohol consumption, I consider myself very fortunate to have had good role models growing up. I’ve never once seen my parents drunk. The closest I’ve observed to my parents being “under the influence” was once or twice when they were a little buzzed from a third glass of wine at…

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Admit it – This Scootcase is the Fun Carry on Bag You’ve Been Fantasizing About


Forgive me for  bragging, but my carry on bag is more fun than your carry on bag.  Unless, of course, you have  Micro Scooter luggage too. I’ve owned bags you could sit on (handy when stranded in crowded airports) and my kids have owned bags they could sit and scoot along on – a good gimmick when…

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