One Day in Rome With Kids Part Two

Thanks to Walks of Italy for helping us make the most of our very limited time in Rome. All opinions are my own. 


Part Two of our epic day in Rome started with the Coliseum.

Some things you have to see with your own eyes.  Don’t go it alone though. You’ll miss so much, and how sad, when you’ve come all this way and who knows when you’ll be back?!

It’s infinitely better to listen to an expert guide while you are taking it all in.

Our guide Georgia treated us to story after story, bringing history to life as we wandered, our imaginations playing out the scene of a venue crowded with Ancient Romans.


Their ghosts lingered, echoing the stories of an arena ingeniously flooded to stage ship battles.

We could almost hear the  clinking chains of the slaves about to thrown into the arena to fight. Smell the sweat of the gladiators.


There would be a gasp from the spectators as a trap door popped open to reveal a hungry tiger or other exotic beast. The bloodstains maybe washed away after centuries, but the gasps still live on the breeze.


If you’re going to be there, you should at least try to really be there. Use all your senses.

The sky filled with clouds as we exited the coliseum . Thunder boomed and silenced the breeze. The air was suddenly still as fat drops started to fall.

We were wet as any umbrellaless ancient Roman but we didn’t mind one bit. Happily we skipped and slipped our way through cobblestone streets, pausing for the best capuccino of my life at Sant Eustachio. So good you gotta drink it standing up. The shop charges more if you want to sit down. There’s just not room for everyone to do that here.  My 13 year old daughter had her first cappucino at this shop. Too much too soon perhaps. Every other attempt at drinking coffee since has fallen far short of her romantic Italian expectations.



Next stop for the kids: a shop with 150 flavors of gelato. Choosing was sweet torture.


Then, the awe inspiring Pantheon, which was made only more inspiring by the weather outside, the rain through the open “oculus”  into into a central puddle


2013-07-08 07.50.57

When we climbed the Spanish Steps, we counted This was the last…

2013-07-08 09.48.56

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 7.18.33 PM

20130708_095321 (1)

We enjoyed the view, gazing out over rooftop gardens from the top.



Obelisks. Street performers. The facade of every building told a story, and our fabulous guide seemed to know them all.


Oh Rome. Squares and fountains. Tossed coins and wishes. My wish is that we go back. Soon.Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 7.17.28 PM

One day in Rome is not nearly enough, but fortunately for my family, one day in Rome with Walks of Italy was a dream. One last gelato… until next time!

Follow the link to Part One of our Rome With Kids adventure



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