One Day in Rome With Kids Part One

Thanks to Walks of Italy for showing our family around Rome, in one day. All opinions are my own.

One day in Rome with kids (or without!)  is not nearly enough. It’s a tease. It’s sweet torture. But it’s better than nothing.

You better make the most of it.

Make the most of it we did. We connected with Walks of Italy. If anyone is up to the challenge of packing a week’s worth of fun into a single day, it’s them.

Our day started off on their culinary tour, exploring the market at Campo De Fiori.  I felt right at home there. Possibly because Campo Di Fiori translates to Field of Flowers. And so does Blumenfeld. Welcome home.


Old blends with the new in Mercato Campo De Fiori. You can buy fresh flowers, pick up porny pasta for dinner (made us all giggle) and get your knives sharpened by a dude on an electrified bike.



Our knowledgable guide escorted us through the stalls where we tasted aged balsamic vinegars that were thick as syrup and almost as rich too. We tore into fresh crusty bread, dunking it in a palette of olive oils, rich green and earthy,  to pale and fruity.


And then there was Salami. A cheese shop. It was a delicious blur of tasting and trying. Even my picky eater played along. The kid that never tries anything, rolled up his sleeves and tried it all.


Next stop: Pizza. Make your own and bake it in a wood-fired oven so hot, you blink and it’s done. Look at these giant mushrooms that were sitting in a crate outside the restaurant. They had just been delivered.



I shot a little video of how much fun it was to make pizza. Guess how long we had to let it cook, then listen for the answer.




My kids bring up the deliciousness of Roman pizza every single time we eat pizza. I’m a little worried that no pizza anywhere else will ever compare. I’m going to have to bring them to New York City. IMG_0076


Our entire morning with Walks of Italy was magical. I wanted it to last and last. We finished our tour  completely stuffed. Happy and sated. But it was only half the day….

Follow the link for Part Two of our Rome with kids adventure.



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    What a fabulous day! I have heard great things about Walks of Italy- love the variety and knowledge that they bring to each tour.


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