The Lifeproof Mini Nuud Case Keeps My Precious Tech Safe

Thanks to Lifeproof for providing me with a Lifeproof Mini Nuud Case to facilitate this review


I’ve always been a fan of Lifeproof cases from their first original case. They had me at waterproof.

Over the years I’ve tried several Lifeproof cases for my i-Phone 4&5 & cases for my iPad and iPad Mini, including the Lifeproof Fre – which is what my kids use on their 4/4S phones.

But it’s the Lifeproof Nuud case collection that is my favorite of all the Lifeproof cases. The reason is simple: Nothing to cover the screen, nothing to come between my and my device’s main point of interaction.  This waterproof case forms a seal with the glass, so I don’t need to lose the touch sensitivity and clear picture that i-devices are so famous for.

Most recently Lifeproof sent me a  Lifeproof Mini Nude Case to try. It was a fantastic thing, especially given the fact that I carry this device most frequently, and share this device often with my five year old. He likes to draw on my iPad mini and I don’t have to worry about spills when he does with this case. I rely on my mini while working, and I can’t take chances with it when I hand it to my son. It has to be safe!

There’s some other nice touches to this iteration of Lifeproof Nuud cases including:

  • The plug for the earphone jack is attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing it
  • There is a carry strap that attaches  directly to the case – super handy for carrying your device hands free
  • If you’re really going to get wet, there is a Lifejacket, sold seperately, that will keep your device from sinking while syncing.

Lifeproof offers cases that protect the devices that go everywhere with you. Don’t be afraid! Go ahead and brave the snow, shocks, water and dirt of the world.  I love that my phone and device cases gives me that sort of peace of mind and confidence on a daily basis.

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