Arguments for Getting a Family Dog

I always had a dog growing up, and often I feel bad about not having one now. I want my kids to know that loyal canine companionship.

But I don’t want to vacuum pet hair.

My kids periodically beg and plead and promise to walk, feed, brush, scoop etc. They are sure that having a dog would be the BEST THING EVER. Kind of like this:



A dog would prevent them from ever feeling lonely, or sad…


And who could ever be bored, as long as they have a pet dog to amuse them?



Only a pet dog would scratch that itch…




There’s no end to the games they could play together.



And imagine the surprise, if I ever caved to their request?


Before you know it, we’d be THAT family.


Who needs friends why you have a dog, right?

I dedicate this post to Francois, the cutest pug in the world, who belongs to my niece Nicole. If Hello Kitty (our cat) didn’t hate dogs so much, I’d kidnap Francois.





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    Your post really makes me want a dog. Problem is my son is terrified and insists he’ll never come downstairs if we get one. How do I get him on board?

  2. says

    Don’t do it!!! (or do!)

    I said no to dogs for 10 1/2 years. A vehement no. (I’m allergic so it was a little easier). But when we moved to a kibbutz in Israel where half the families have a dog, and half of those dogs are “outdoor dogs” my son got it into his head he could wear me down. He was right.

    He wore me down — almost to the point of giving in. We had a dog all lined up, a pick up date. And then I realized I had to go back on my yes. I knew it would be a bad idea and we would end up with just another burden on MY hands. And a lot of dog hair for me to sneeze over. Going back on my promise to my son was one of my worst parenting moments ever, but it taught me a lesson. Stick to your gut instinct. It’s right 99.9% of the time.

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    I probably won’t give in Jen. I’ve got too much on my plate already and getting a cat that hates dogs with a livid burning passion was a good insurance policy. But I do miss having dogs! Maybe someday when the kids are grown. They will never forgive me for that!


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