Lifeproof your Mom for Mother’s Day

My poor phone. It’s abused.

It owes its life to a Lifeproof case.

My Lifeproof cases have allowed me to take my beloved iPhones (4 & 5) to places where most phones could never go. Underwater. To the beach. I have stuck my *whole hand with phone* into a tide pool to take a photo.

I’m still as enthused about Lifeproof cases as the first time I reviewed them. When I got a new iPhone 5, the first “accessory” I had to get was a Lifeproof Fre case. Because then… I could breathe again!

I wanted to highlight some of the accessories that Moms should consider along with their Lifeproof Cases, because these clever accessories make your Lifeproof case even more fun and functional, in a variety of situations.

The Lifejacket:

When I sailed to Catalina and went ziplining, you bet your booty I had my Lifeproof encased phone further protected with a Lifejacket. This device gives you an added measure of security/cushioning against bumps and drops and is also a flotation device. It can also be worn on a lanyard around your neck.

The Bike Mount:

This handy mount is just awesome for peddlars like me. It’s also perfect for strollers. If you use your phone to film with, and you stick it on a stroller, you just made a makeshift dolly. (Yes, I’ve done that….)

The Dashboard Mount:

No more scrabbling in your purse for your phone while you drive. If you use your phone as a GPS, the car mount gives you a safe and handy place to dock your device.

The Insurance Policy:

As if all the bells and whistles above are not enough, Lifeproof now offers  a total water protection policy designed to give users an added measure of peace of mind.

Lifeproof makes motherhood a little less stressful. I’m completely onboard with any product that does that!

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