Kids Love the Legoland Hotel, Even if They Don’t Love Lego

Earlier this month, my family had the exciting privilege of attending a Media preview stay for the new Legoland hotel. While there, happily building swords in the Lego pit, my son and I were tagged for an interview. Watch what he had to say when asked if he likes Lego…

We had a fabulous time at this hotel, which really turns Legoland into a weekend trip destination for us. For more photos, and all the details that I think make this hotel worth checking out, see my write up about the Legoland Hotel on Babble.

I’ll be sharing tips here soon for planning your own kid-driven Legoland weekend getaway.

Disclosure: I could probably have saved up enough for a vacation in Sweden if I’d just gotten the memo a little sooner from my son. He sure had me and my bare Lego stomping feet fooled! We were guests of the hotel for the opening. My 5 yr old, not interviewed on camera, is a HUGE FAN of the plastic bricks. 

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