Test Your Cleaning Logic with Cottonelle & Win a 10k Bathroom Makeover!

A couple of months ago I had an experience that was hard to describe to most of my friends. Yet, I tried.

“I just spent two days in L.A. talking about butt wiping,” I said. “On camera.”

Cue raised eyebrow and concerned look from friend.


“Yeah. Really!”

“No… Really?”

Then boom. Before I could stop myself, I found myself launching into a bunch of way too personal questions about self care routines.

“So , tell me, have you tried these Fresh Care wipes?”

This is the point where all my friends give me that look as if they want to say “She’s been hitting the blogger juice again,” but I know something they don’t. I know their world is about to be rocked. Because once they see these videos, and test their cleaning logic it is going to be a brand new day. Also? I don’t care if they think I am crazy.

Some days, being a blogger is just plain awesome. Sometimes you’re talking tushy and it takes you by surprise.

Possibly it was the friends I got to spend the day with. I was in LA with Jaime, Jessica and Heather. Possibly it was the product (Cottonelle). Defitinely it was the fact that I was there with those particular three friends and Cottonelle  for interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at  the super secret set where one of three hidden camera webisodes were being filmed.

If you’ve never been on a set like this (and I had not) it’s a marvel of planning, technology and trickery. Out front it was a random slow weekday at a newly opened cafe. Nothing unusual. The spies on the corner managed to blend in. They didn’t give themselves away as they whispered into their wire that the next set of guests were arriving.

The “guests” showed up thinking they were there to test the proposed menu. They were in for a surprise…

Inside the cafe it was a spy story. Casually slung backpacks contained cameras and even the ketchup bottles were wired for sound. Out back, where I spent most of the day, was a small city of monitors, tech tents and even craft services crammed into an alley.  The sheer magnitude of what lay behind such a seemingly innocent cafe was mind boggling and thrilling in a near-naughty way. Have you ever been in on a really huge,really well executed prank? You know that moment before the “Gotcha”, before you tell them and realization dawns?

Then suddenly everyone is all “No way!!!” as their eyes tear from laughing so hard.  Well, it was that. Lots of that. Plus cushy Cottonelle toilet paper and Fresh Care wipes.

I was amazed watching director Sam Cadman work his magic behind the scenes – getting the extras and actors to amp up the energy with knowing looks and well timed comments. It was like watching a master puppeteer. Sam’s goal: to get us all to rethink our potty routine with a “graphic visual metaphor”. He wanted to go there. Without going there.

I can almost hear the GPS lady in my car saying,”You have reached your destination.”

Thanks to Sam the hidden camera commercial genius, I don’t have to “go there” any more either. I just have to share these utterly hysterical videos and people will get it. This is smack yourself on the forehead material right here, folks. You’re welcome.

Of course my fave is the restaurant, because I was there. But they are all funny. Watch any of them, or all of them, and then tell me… how clean do you feel right now?

The Car Wash:


The Salon:


The Restaurant:

Here’s another chance for you to clean up your daily routine… visit www.Cottonelle.com for a chance to win a $10,000 bathroom makeover.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I was compensated for my time, “talent “(hello 15 minutes!) and this post. All opinions and epiphanies are my own. I have never had more fun on the job. Or laughed so hard while biting my fist so I didn’t laugh out loud. I love these products, this campaign and playing pranks. So basically, I’m back to the first paragraph where I tell people how much fun I had talking tushy. 



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