The Caring Bridge ShareYour Heart Contest

Have you ever been touched by a care package, message or favor done by a friend or family member at just the moment when you were in need?

This February, CaringBridge, the caring social network that keeps families and loved ones connected during any type of health event, invites people to submit those touching acts of compassion during the “Share Your Heart” contest.

The CaringBridge Share Your Heart contest invites people to submit fun, unique and interesting ways they share their love and support with friends and family for a chance to win two iPad minis – helping you and a friend or loved one stay connected online.

Visit to upload a photo, video or a written description of up to 50 words of how you share your heart with those you love and support. This contest reflects the main mission behing CaringBridge – to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.

Submissions for the Share Your Heart contest will be accepted from February 11 through March 1. The voting phase will take place from February 11 through March 6.

Recently my daughter’s best friend had major surgery to correct severe scoliosis. It was a long and involved surgery that she emerged from three inches taller and with a lot of healing to do. She’s had a tough recovery that has her out of school and away from friends for several weeks. Torture for a teenager, and torture for her best friend too!

My daughter has been in constant contact with her friend and has been organizing weekly visits and care packages, with the help of her friend’s parents and other friends.

We’ve set up a CaringBridge patient website page for my daughter’s friend to make that process easier and make it possible for all her close friends and family to follow along with her recovery and cheer her on. While many friends have sent well wishes on Facebook, it just makes more sense to discuss and share health news in a more private place. CaringBridge has supplied that space, for free. There’s even room for a blog, photos and a guest book on her friend’s page.

I’m sure my daughter’s friend would love to win the iPad minis so I am encouraging her to enter and share her story too, which includes screen shots of some pretty funny post-surgical texts between her and my daughter. Texting patiently with your partially anesthetized bestie? That’s true friend love!

Check out CaringBridge if you or someone you love is facing a medical journey, and could use some help from their community. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing and ready to share their heart. I’m really impressed by this free website that offers people the opportunity to rally around their family and friends when help, love and support is most needed.

Be sure to follow CaringBridge on Twitter and CaringBridge on Facebook.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, as are all details, photos and experiences drawn from recent events in our lives. We really do appreciate the work and care that has gone into setting up CaringBridge and the service this free site provides. 

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