Purim Party Pit-zaTaschen

Need a quick, super easy snack for your kid’s Purim party at pre-school?

Note to the non-Jews: Technically these are just Pita Pizzas ok? They are triangular-hat-shaped because the villian of the Purim story, Haman, wore a triangular hat. And now we eat his hat.  Yum. Mostly we eat  “Hamantaschen” that are cookie-like and sweet. But my friend Natalie from Hollywood Hot Moms gave me the idea for a savory version. Because I am lazy and hate to roll and fuss with dough, and because another friend needed something for a preschool party in a jiffy, I immediately turned to the mini pitas from Trader Joes.

You don’t have to celebrate Purim to enjoy these. They go down just as easy if you call em Pirate Pit-zas. Arghhh!

How to Make Pit-zataschen:

What you need to do is slice the edges of the pita off first and save them….

Top with some tomato/pizza sauce…

Heap on some cheese…

Assemble the three cut off parts on top and microwave for 30 seconds. Yu could toast in the oven, but I actually prefer to use the microwave because  it softens the pita.


The Pitzas will sort of fall apart while cooking. Don’t worry. Carry on! While the cheese is still hot, press the cut parts onto the top of the pitza and the melted cheese will act like glue, holding your snack together.

Ta da! Pitza-taschen!

Like this idea but want something a little more “grown up”? Try my other recipe: Oh Haman, You’re such a PITA




  1. Beth says

    Great idea! We tried some a few years ago with dough but they didn’t hold their shape. Cutting the sides of pitas. Genius. Thanks!


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