Oh Haman, You’re such a PITA

Earlier today I posted a recipe for Pitzataschen – ie Pita Pizzas that look like Hamentaschen.  It got me thinking of other purim snacks that I could whip up in a flash.

Since I cannot get out the pita bread, without someone in my family doing a deep fridge dive for hummous and olives – before I knew it, the second snack was born.

This one is a little more geared toward a mature palate and could be served to adults. Not that pita pizzas aren’t haute cuisine, but you might not be comfortable serving them to YOUR friends at a party that wasn’t geared for the 4 and under set. With these, you’re back in business.  Plus they have a funny backstory…

In case you didn’t already know it, PITA is commonly used as an abbreviation for “pain in the ass” when you are texting. And Haman, the villian of the Purim story, certainly was a pain in the ass.

How to Make Oh Haman, You’re Such a PITA snacks: 

Start with whole wheat mini pitas. Haman was a little man, after all. I get our mini Pitas at Trader Joes.

Place a dollop of hummous in the middle

Sprinkle with Zahtar spices, or paprika

Stick the edges back on top, and top with a black as night olive, to represent Haman’s dark heart in an especially yummy way.

We toasted these in the toaster oven for a couple of moments before serving. Not technically necessary but they are just a little more yummy when served warm.


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