Have Paint Will Color: AFTER

Last week I wrote about my dinner table woes and a need for color in my kitchen. I shared this picture of our very blah “Before” table in Grayish White.  Much as I love all white furniture, this table wasn’t working in this crowded space where everything was near to the same color. The effect was cluttered and tangled. It was hard to see where the table ended and chairs and cabinets began. There was no focal point to the space and it was just… dismal.

I’ve always love Orange and it vibrates agains the gray/blue of our walls.

And now, this  week I have the “After”.  Ta Da!

I’m so in love with my newly Orange table. It’s really amazing what a difference color can make. This is a table that we all want to gather around. It draws the family in and lifts everyone’s spirits with it’s cheerful orange glow.

We sanded lightly and primed this table before painting, applied 2-3 coats of paint and finished the surface with a wipe on Poly Varnish. I did about four layers of this, sanding with superfine paper between each coat.


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