Shot With Sony, Aired on the Big Screen

As the mom of a student at the Orange County School of the Art’s Film & Television conservatory, OCSA’s Winter Cineplex is an event I really look forward to. Twice a year the students gather to screen their work. Their pride is palpable, and the camaraderie amongst the students is sweet and inspiring – breaking a lot of the stereotypes you commonly hear about teens. These kids are driven, artistic and inspired. They are also talented – rightly proud of their work.

The films are short – a mix of webisodes, commercials, music videos, documentaries and short movies that highlight the work the students have been doing in Production, Directing and Cinematography classes, to name a few.

This is my daughter’s second year at the school. We are so grateful she is there and I will admit, it’s an experience I am more than a little bit jealous of. The opportunity to create and the level of talent that she is surrounded by on a daily basis, is nothing short of awe inspiring. Even without easy access to particularly sophisticated equipment, many of  these kids produce big screen worthy work.

Since beginning the program, my daughter is extremely conscious (and picky) about the camera’s she uses to film. She’s become a snob about lenses. She doesn’t want to use the cameras that we initially purchased for her use – small hand held hdmi cameras, but according to her – just not enough.

The camera she reaches for, time and again, is my Sony Handycam Full HD Camcorder with Projector. In fact, from the moment I unwrapped it, I think that she thought it was hers, and hers alone.

What she loves about this camera is the ease of use, and the quality of recording.  It’s not too hard to find a camera that produces video that looks ok on YouTube. But it’s really got to perform when you are airing your work in a large theater. The students in her program have the opportunity to check out professional grade equipment to work on their projects but there is a limited supply of these cameras and a lot of competition from fellow students. It’s not always possible or practical for them to get their hands on a camera when they need one.

For my daughter, it’s a relief to know she can shoot on our Sony.  Some of the features she appreciates:

  • The Sony Handycam mounts easily on a tripod.
  • Sound is great – there is an audio zoom that works when subjects are not standing close by
  • The picture is great, thanks to the Carl Zeiss lens, and this camera gets great quality images even in low light
  • Getting the clips off the camera is an easy operation with the built in (can’t lose it) USB cord.

We all appreciate the projection feature that allows you to play back the movies you’ve shot on any wall.

The size and weight of this camera also make it idea for toting around. Life (and movies) happen fast. You have to be ready to shoot when the light is right and the moment is happening.

I’m afraid that I won’t get a chance to bond with this camera if this keeps up. But as long as I get to attend screenings like the Winter Cineplex, maybe that’s ok. Here is my daughter (in floral shirt), along with the cast of her latest film.

 Disclosure: I am a member of Sony Moms – a product review crew. We receive products to try and occasionally, get to keep the items we test for review. This is my second Sony handycam and I remain a fan of these cameras. When I want my video to look good, I grab the handy cam. Like mother, like daughter. 

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