Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon LIVE

Do your kids believe in Dragons?

Last month I took my boys to see the live version of How to Train Your Dragon at the Honda Center in Orange County California. Their excitement was palpable.

My four year old son talked through most of the show. He was completely convinced that the Dragons were REAL. Well, at least some of them. There were a few that you could see the lines on and he was not sure whether they were real and just tied up, or giant puppets.

In fact they are giant puppets, and the scale of these mega puppets is so massive that it’s almost easier to believe that they are real. The show amazes with a nonstop meld of music, animation, puppetry, acrobatics and more. It’s truly awe-inspiring and I’m certain that my kids won’t soon forget the experience.

What fairies are to little girls, dragons are to little boys. I caught my son chanting, “I do believe in Dragons! I do! I do!”

For more information about where this awesome show will show up next – visit the How to Train Your Dragon site.

Disclosure: My family was part of a group of bloggers who were the guests of the Honda Center for this show

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