Simple, Classic Upcycled Bottle Menorah

Here’s a menorah that requires a little shopping but not a lot of crafting. Anyone can put one like this one (currently on my mantle) together.

I’ve seen a lot of menorahs made from multiple bottle of the same size and color but I’m partial to a mix and match approach, so long as you have a single design element that is consistent such as color, shape or size.

We picked up these bottles at our local Michael’s Craft store for $1-3 each and used candles from there as well. I know I’ve seen some candle cups that fit into bottles for just this purpose but of course now I could not find them. We secured the candles that were loose with a little beeswax and shaved down the ones that were a little tight. I love the blue glass and the textures of these bottles.

Sometimes the simplest stuff is the most perfect.

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