Easy, Safe Glowstick Menorah for Little Kids

Here is a super simple and festive menorah that can be crafted and enjoyed by even the preschool set, with a little bit of supervision and assistance. The end result looks great and is safe to keep in a bedroom, on the shelf without any fear of fire.

I give you the foam tube, glow stick Menorah!


  • Foam tubing – you can use pool noodles or simple foam pipe insulation available at Home Depot
  • Length of Tinsel Garland (we used blue and silver but you could use hot pink or any color of choice)
  • 6 inch light up glow sticks with caps for stringing on a necklace like these ones from GlowRUs
  • Chalk and tape measure for marking candle location
  • Sharp knife for cutting the foam (adults only – can be done prior to assembly)
  • Length of ribbon for tying the tube into a curved shape

Before getting the kiddos involved:

1. Cut a length of foam tubing and mark locations for “candles”.

2. Thread ribbon through the tube (do this now before placing the candles

3. Stab the noodle with your knife where you want each candle to go and insert the plastic caps, tab side down, into the slots. Optional – add a dab of glue so the caps stay in place.

Now go get the kiddos….




4. Wrap a length of tinsel garland around the tubing, hiding the foam entirely but leaving space for the plastic caps to stick out. Tuck ends into tube.

5. Tie the ribbon that you threaded through at the beginning, so as to create a gentle curve which will prevent the tube from rolling. Make sure the caps are pointing up – you can rotate the tube a little if needed.

6. Insert candles. Marvel at your creation.  Go eat latkes.

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