DIY Star Wars Lego Glow Stick Menorah

Some ideas are so obvious that it takes me a decade of parenting to come up with them.

Every year I have a little tantrum about how each of my kids, even the toddlers want to light their own menorah, and hold the candles and carry them around and please mommy can I have a menorah in my room…


We’ve used electric menorahs but there’s something about having to plug it in that seems so wrong. Where’s the miracle in a menorah that requires a socket? There’s no “glow” from an electric bulb.

Glow. Lightbulb.

The good news/bad news part of this tutorial is that you have to DIY the DIY part yourself and figure out how you will build your menorah with the Lego you have.  I built this lego menorah out of bits and pieces that my son had laying in the playroom (CHEAP!).  It seemed fitting to go with the Star Wars theme. It’s a good project to do with your kids. I left a 2×3 brick sized space for all my candles and had the center one slightly raised. But you can and should do as you wish.

If you need glow sticks I suggest you order online. They can be shipped quickly and are far cheaper in bulk. I purchased these 6 inch light sticks online from glowrus. They come in assorted sizes but these particular ones above are just slightly thicker than hanukkah candles and have a little cap at the end that comes off, so you are left with a smooth stick.


I also purchased clear vinyl tubing at home depot in 3/4 inch size. The light sticks fit inside the tubing perfectly (yes my wheels are still turning… ) and I popped 2 inch segments down in the sections of the menorah to help the “candles” stand up. Also see how they are all red/yellow/orange? I was sure they didn’t send me the full range of assorted colors, until we accidentally dropped & activated a pale orange one and it turned bright blue. Ooh ah!  The wonder of it! That’s what hanukkah is all about.I’m so glad I finally thought of doing this while my kids were still young. I would have been super mad if I came up with this right as the last one headed off to college.

 That’s all there was to this one. Can’t wait to see what your kids build. Leave me a link?






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