Bratz Doll Boot Menorah

The thing about having teen/tween girls is that you still probably have a bunch of bits and baubles around from their childhood that you cling to.

Like mismatched doll shoes in a bin under the bed.

Though you know you should get rid of them, you don’t get around to it. And then Hanukah rolls around and you have a lightbulb moment and SCORE! The Bratz doll boot menorah is born. The exciting thing about this tutorial is that these puppies can be used with both candles (use extreme caution not to burn down your home or melt the boots though – tent with foil and don’t let em burn all the way) OR the 6 inch glow sticks I used for my DIY Lego Menorah. This one requires no drilling (sorry Dadfluential) like the Dinosaur Menorah did. A dusting of glitter is advisable.

The Steps:

1. Spray paint base and shoes

2. Sprinke with Glitter while paint is still wet

3. Hot glue the shoes to the base

It’s that easy!


This also solves the problem of what to do when the last night of Hannukah falls on the same night of that awesome rave you were planning to attend.

My teenager scurried back to her room with this as soon as I was done shooting photos.



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