The DIY Menorahs Are Coming


Hanukkah has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not just because there are presents and doughnuts, though it’s a potent combo.

We have a prolific Menorah collection and we add a few new ones every year. The kids like to make them at school and my husband and I compete to craft giant, lit lawn menorahs each year. It’s crazy sauce! This year I went a little berzerk with the crafting on a smaller scale. I made quite a few menorahs that I cannot wait to share with you all, including several flame-free glowstick menorahs that your children can light and keep in their rooms without any fire risks.

That’s a little sneak peek of our Jurassic menorah. Stay tuned…

1. Plastic Dinosaur Menorah Tutorial

2. DIY LEGO Glow Stick Star Wars Menorah

3. Bratz Doll Boot Menorah

4. Ikea Hack Giant Lawn Menorahs (Two Designs)

5. Glitzy Glowy Tinsel and foam noodle menorah craft for kids

6. Giant Lawn Menorah Ikea Hack Variera Candles

7. Yummy DIY Candy Menorah

8. Cinderella Slipper Menorah



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