Dizzy Dreidel “SPIN-Wheel” Cookies Take Two (or three)

Last year I wrote about adapting my grandmother’s classic pinwheel cookies for Hanukkah gifting. We traded the chocolate (brown) dough for a colorful blue dough and whipped up a batch.

I gifted these in cello bags, tied with a ribbon and dreidel attached.

The spirals remind me of a whirling dreidel’s path… get it?

This year I perfected our SPIN-wheel cookies by simply rolling the logs in sprinkles prior to chilling and cutting. I used an assortment of sprinkles including some fun blue and white Jewish Stars, rainbow nonpariels in two sizes and white jimmies. It’s like glitter for a cookie. Don’t skimp!

Side note – there is something extraordinarily rewarding about slicing these cookies. You never know what you’ll get inside. This batch came out extra swirly good. Click through to my original post for the tried and true, no fail, awesome pinwheel cookie recipe my grandmother was famous for.


  1. Dasi says

    Just tried these yesterday for our Chanuka party and they were a big hit, now I just need to stop myself from eating the leftovers ;)


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