Picky Palate Makes Me Want to Make Dinner

My friend Jenny Flake of Picky Palate wrote a cookbook. You should buy it.

If you hear my stomach rumbling on any given day, it’s probably because I have been perusing my facbebook and instagram streams and have stumbled across another incredible “OMG why didn’t I think of that” recipe from Jenny.

Like her Barbecue Chicken Pizza soup.

Or her Oreos baked *inside* chocolate chip cookies.

Her desserts are the most decadent and her dinners the most crowd pleasing. Because I am gluten free, I cannot personally eat all the recipes in here. But I can use the inspiration. A cookie in a cookie? Running with it!

Many of the recipes are also easily modified to be gluten free.

Go check it out. I don’t want to sit hear listening to the lone sound of my stomach rumbling for another moment. My stomach needs some company.

Do check her site as well. There’s lots and lots of dinner inspiration for even the pickiest of eaters on Picky Palate.

Disclosure: Jenny sent me a copy. Thanks Jenny! She probably got sick of my ogling her posts!

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