Gluten Free Lunch: Turkey Go Fig!

Here’s my second lunch idea using Udi’s Gluten free products. This one was so delicious that it never made it past the plate and into a lunch box. It was consumed on the spot. If I’d packed it up I would have paired it with a bit of cheese (pictured is a mini brie bite from Trader Joes) and some fresh grapes.

I love turkey sandwiches but you have to admit they can be blah and boring. This one uses a little fig jam (fig preserves) to punch it up. It’s made on Udi’s Millet Chia Ancient Grains bread which is super nutty and delicious tasting. It goes perfectly with the fig. Slather on a bit of mayo (we used low fat) and some lettuce and you have yourself a sandwich that’s not gonna last around a hungry person!

For more Gluten free lunch ideas and to read why I took on this challenge click on my Gluten Free Lunch: The Classic post.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Udi’s, who provided me with a box of products to try as well. It’s no secret that I love Udi’s products. I’ll travel far to get their goods! Will write for cookies. That’s me. At least when it comes to this brand!


  1. emily says

    love this! we love udi’s bread but never have tried the millet chia…will have to look for it. you should review rudi’s gf tortillas…they are new…3 varieties….have you seen them? only can find them at whole foods so far…


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