The Truth About Teenagers

I’ve just written a post about teen parenting on my Babble Voices Casa de Chaos site that has been a long time brewing.

I’m in an odd place for a parent. Still dealing with a preschooler, but also in the teen trenches. Sometimes it makes my head explode.

Can you still remember what it was like to know it all? I knew it all before I had kids. I was sure I’d do everything different. Awesomer. Smack! That’s the sound of me landing flat on my ass.  I can hear the laugh track and see the visual as I am changing a diaper, and getting peed on. Har har.

But it got better. There came a time where I felt like I knew what I was doing. So when I finally got into the groove of parenting, in those lovely peaceful grade school years where I could shower again, I got a little cocky, and a little judgemental of parents of teens.

Having a teenager is like being a new mom again. It can knock you on your ass. You will be surprised by things your teen does, and thinks. You will be surprised by your own reactions to those things.

You will also be normal.

Check out the surprising truth about teenagers, if you dare!


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