Girls Only Weekend at Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

My girls are growing up so quickly. Each time I blink, they are gaining on me. Five minutes ago they were little girls.  Lately they look more and more like the beautiful women I knew they’d someday become. Just not so fast.

Sometimes you need quality time to reconnect, to relax and regroup. The Ritz Carlton Laguna makes it easy.

When did they get so big? I often feel like I’m missing it. Long school days and long work hours. A million daily demands take me away from them, them away from me. We spend the most time together on the freeway – rushing from one thing to another. Them plugged in. Me trying not to curse as someone in an even bigger hurry than me, passes me on the right and cuts me off.

At the moment, however, our family vacations are tricky for us. It’s hard to meet the needs of my younger children and older children at the same time. We literally cannot please everyone.  Rather than fight it, or force a compromise leaving everyone a little unhappy, I thought that this summer was a perfect time for a girls only getaway.

Quality time is a rarity lately. This is a shame. They are finally at an age where traveling with them is a pleasure. I enjoy their company, their conversation, their wit and humor. They are easy to be with.

The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel is one of my favorite places to visit with my kids, even when we are not staying the night. We head over often to watch the sunset from their terraces, or grab a snack in their cafe. I always love to walk through the lobby of this hotel. They have some of the most beautiful flower arrangements anywhere. My children head straight to the taffy bowl at check in,.

When I asked my daughters what they wanted to do on vacation, their list tickled me. It was pretty much exactly the same things I wanted to do. Which made me realize that we really need to do this sort of thing more often!

1. Walk on the beach
2. Lay by the pool
3. Drink a frosty fruity drink
4. Watch a movie
5. Order room service
6. Sit on the Balcony
7. People watch
8. Watch the sunset and take a million pictures
9. Do our nails
10. Sleep in
11. Lay by the pool some more

While at the Ritz we dined at Raya. The food is spectacular, topped only perhaps by the view at sunset. The entire stretch of Salt Creek Beach beckons below and you can watch surfers catch the waves as you dine.

It’s like dinner and a show. A ballet on water. I could watch them for hours.

Have you ever noticed how conversation flows at the perfect restaurant? That is dinner at Raya. There’s the view, the delicious cuisine, the chill atmosphere and that is when you are free to engage in real heart to hearts. I had one of the best conversations with my daughters that I’ve had in a while. Cell phones silenced.

When we went back to the room we watched the sunset from the balcony and then we watched a movie. I can’t even tell you what we watched, I’ve already forgetten,  but we giggled and tucked into a room service dessert plate and the chocolates left on our fluffed pillows.

We stayed up late and woke up early to stroll on the beach and dig for sand crabs.

I’m a fan of Salt Creek Beach even when I’m not a guest at the Ritz but when I am… it’s a treat and a half. Hotel guests can take advantage of the hotel’s beach valet service which means you don’t have to walk up (or down) the hill to the beach – they’ll drive you and then set up your umbrella, towels and sand chairs for you. Ahhhh!

Families staying at the hotel can take advantage of the Ocean Futures program which offers numerous eco-themed adventures for hotel guests of all ages. It’s definitely something our whole family will return for.

But on this particular adventure, our #1 goal was to chill. After strolling the beach, we headed directly to the pool.

If you want to feel truly pampered in life, you lay poolside at the Ritz Carlton. This is where you want to take a nap, trust me.

I was amused as I watched my daughters doing nothing. They are expert at the art of tuning out and laying around, like many teens. But doing nothing is much harder for them. Just laying there and taking a nap, watching the palm trees sway in the breeze, jumping in the pool to cool off and laying down again.

Doing nothing is underrated. Doing nothing poolside at the Ritz, with a pina colada in hand and a plate of nachos on its way, is heaven.

Our visit was brief and perfect. Nobody fought. Nobody had a drama. Nobody wanted to leave!

I’m so glad to have had this alone time with my girls, and so grateful to the Ritz Carlton for making it a magical trip. This hotel is a wonderful location for girl’s only getaways, as well as family reunions and vacations. Here the impossible seems possible, time can freeze for a moment, providing you with the perfect opportunity to connect.

It might also be the perfect opportunity to take some silly photos.

Check out some of the many overnight specials, day trips, and special events at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel this summer.

Disclosure: The Ritz Carlton graciously provided accomodations and dinner in consideration of this post.  No compensation was recieved. All opinions are my own. Except for those of my daughters, but fortunately when it comes to the Ritz Carlton, we always agree.


  1. Sharlene says

    My favorite part of staying at the Ritz is always enjoying the view. It is just in the most beautiful spot. That bar overlooking the ocean is just fabulous and the conceirge level is fabulous!

  2. says

    This looks AMAZING…I love your photos – they perfectly capture the lazy elegance of your weekend.

    Also, it’s funny how my kids have the same thing when they get to a hotel – they just want to hang out in the hotel room and get room service. I think we all need some serious down time like this every now and then!

  3. Caryn says

    It’s so incredibly beautiful there…What a lovely weekend…I am trying to savor each stage…I know that my kids are growing up quickly…I hope one day my daughter and I can have weekends like this…Love your photos BTW


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