Toddlers on a Leash: Heel Baby!

I always said I was “practicing” my parenting on my dog, prior to having kids.

After all, there are a lot of similarities to training a dog and parenting. You have to be consistent, firm and loving. You have to establish who is in charge.

You have to feed them regularly and yep, there is a lot of poop that has to be dealt with.

But I never thought I’d end up leashing my child.

This week over on Casa de Chaos you can read what happened that made me change my mind about leashing a toddler.

Note: My children crawled into that dog cage voluntarily, I did not lock them there.



  1. Anonymous says

    I have an adorable picture on my then 2 year old in a 500 gallon (its huge) hex fish tank. It was empty and new don’t worry she REALLY wanted in. Baby in a tank lol, adorable pic.


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