Ikea LACK Platform Bed Hack {Teen Rooms}

My teenaged daughter recently decided she needed a room renovation. This seems to happen every couple of years with my girls. The last time I was suckered into spending a fortune on carved wood Stanley bunk beds that she swore she’d keep till college. Snort. I should have known better. I really loved those bunkbeds too or I never would have gone along with it*.

“Pink! More pink! Pink everything!”

Also, Justin Bieber.

So much for teens outgrowing pink.

“It’s going to have to be DIY.” I warned her.

She spray painted her chandelier and moved out the dresser.

“Let’s talk about the bed…”

I’m not one to squash creativity and I love a challenge.  The room in question is a tough one, with windows and doors on every wall and odd dimensions. The one thing it has going for it is that it fits two standard sized mattresses (only just) head to head along the back wall.

We came up with the idea of creating a long platform for the beds, almost like a long sofa, and partially walling it in, to give her a feeling of privacy in her “bedchamber”. The only problem – most twin sized beds we looked at added two or three inches to the length of the mattress. We lacked that space.

My husband started talking about custom cuts of plywood and screws and corner joints. Love his enthusiasm but… I hightailed it to Ikea!

I love to walk around Ikea with my phone, snapping pix and calculating measurements as I try to solve our decorating challenges. Certain collections seem to lend themselves to solutions for us and LACK is one of them.

We’d already reclaimed two pink LACK shelving units from my younger daughter’s room to create the compartments. Could we use some small Lack tables, bundled together, to create a massive platform for two beds?

Indeed we could!

We bundled together tables in two groups of four and one group of six,  using cable ties to secure the legs together.

The resulting platforms were  not only solid, they were ROCK solid.  Must be all the legs. Because the tables didn’t quite span the distance from end to end, and we were about two inches short,  we left about one inch between the groupings. I was concerned we would need a bunkie board under the mattress but the small one inch gaps turned out to be imperceptible when sitting on the bed.

In order to keep the bed from slipping we placed some rug pads ( hallway runners) under the mattresses. We were planning to add a bedskirt around the border but found no need as the bedskirt keeps it covered.

Bonus: here is a TON of storage space under the bed now that is easy to access. Bins slide in and out easily. The cat is a fan too!

Total cost for this custom platform bed: $7 x 14 LACK tables = $98.  We slid in under a hundred bucks before taxes. Not too shabby!

Disclosure: I’m an Ikea geek.  I have nothing else to tell you!




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