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    I think if your woman has been dropping not so subtle hints about WANTING a boob job, or plastic surgery of any kind, then yeah, it’s a good plan. In the absence of blatant hinting, it’s probably best the boys steer clear of this gift idea. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having my boobies lifted to at least where they were before I had my daughter. The other part of me thinks, I’ve earned the right to let ‘em dangle a bit!

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    hmmmm… I do think it could be a valentines day gift in a strange way! but I also think your wife/girlfriend should have asked for it!! you can’t give it as surprise I wanted to give you this!! I would love a tummy tuck it will last forever!! but if my husband suggested it I would kill him!

  3. Anonymous says

    I have no problem with boob jobs. Just with the idea of it being a gift for such a hallmarky holiday. Buy her flowers and chocolate for Valentines day and tell her you love her as she is. If she wants you to buy her new boobs, buy em the week after. Just because it will make her happy. Not as a gift from you for this holiday.

  4. Anonymous says

    Yep. I have no prob with boob lifts etc. Just the idea of anything that reeks of self improvement for a holiday gift like this.

  5. says

    I totally get that!!! the marketing on it is AWFUL! and it is Disrespectful!! AND I genuinely think it could cause or be a part of a break up!!! But I would not be opposed to getting it as a present even v-day but only if it was something my husband and I had already talked about.

  6. says

    I also guess self improvement is hard as any gift… but it is costly.. so diamonds or a tummy tuck.. I am not getting either but if I could put it on my list it could be there!:)

  7. Christina Simon says

    Unless she asked for lipo as a gift, she’d probably be very offended. Who wouldn’t? Very odd.

  8. yvonne condes says

    Ha! My husband knows better than to offer me boobs for Valentine’s Day. (although I wouldn’t mind some of that laser action that Gwyneth Patrow was talking about)

  9. says

    These ads sort of make it hard to separate love from a perky set of hooters. How far we’ve moved from the Hallmark syrup and box of chocolates. Yeah. It’s not just a good message.

  10. Tanialuviano says

    Liposuction would be insulting, but if the woman wants new boobs and she receives a gift certicate for the procedure i would be happy!

  11. Caryn B says

    Wow….hmmm…No…I wouldn’t want plastic surgery for Valentine’s Day…it would make me feel like it was a hint….like I needed to be “fixed” which may be the truth but not a way to express devout love and affection. LOL

  12. says

    Ok my Hubby and I LAUGHED our a$$es off while watching your thoughts in this — Well done & well said Ciaran! (Full disclosure: Hubby happens to be a plastic surgeon who will tell anyone that this “give the gift of surgery” type of plastic surgery marketing – and the latest trend of Groupons for plastic surgery – is absolutely sickening to his profession and brings all credible surgeons DOWN). That said, I’ll take the spa package or box of chocolates that you mention (minus the surgery certificate). Happy Love Day! :)

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