Can Anyone Find Me a Pen?

We have a trick pencil cup in our kitchen. It’s where I foolishly dash when I need to note something on the calendar, or write down a phone number.

No matter how many times I clean out the pencil cup and refresh with brand new pens in perfect working order, the contents remain the same. It’s magical! I swear it is!

The contents of this chipped mug include:

  • two broken pencils
  • the stubby end of a peeled green crayon
  • an empty smencil pencil case
  • a fully functional “color wonder” (clear) marker that only works on special paper
  • a dead “stamper” marker
  • a dead pen from a life insurance agent you’ve never met (note: It works when you test it, but not when you go to use it)
  •  three bic pen caps, mysterious as I have not purchased a bic pen since the 90s
  • Canadian and Mexican pennies and the odd stray old money coin from someplace in Eastern Europe. We can not been to Europe or Mexico in over a decade.
  • a critical piece from a happy meal toy that I finally chucked a couple of weeks ago.
  •  a petrified gummie bear
  • a fully charged Sharpie

Fortunately for my kids this pencil cup works perfectly. The three year old loves Sharpies with a passion. They work on everything! He’s also partial to petrified Gummie bears. The rest of them don’t write with instruments. That’s what cell phones and thumbs are for.

I need a secret pen stash, don’t I? What’s in your pencil cup?


  1. says

    we have the ‘junk drawer’ where the pencils and pens should be – they seem to find their way out with the other socks from the dryer

  2. Bdavis154 says

    I haven’t started a pencil mug in my home yet, but growing up we had one in the house. I swear whenever I’m at my mother’s it looks like the same stuff is still in it from when I was a kid.

  3. says

    There is a very cute receptical (cup) for pens and pencils on my desk. There is a white color pencil, a brown marker, adn several mechanical pencils with no lead, and a non-funtioning pen. How does that happen?

    That’s the very reason I keep MY pens in MY purse away from others!

  4. Tania luviano says

    At the bottom, an old clip and a Vegas coin. Don’t know why i always put them back in the cup?

  5. Silvia says

    I’m laughing so hard!! I have the same cup + 3 one in the kitchen, one in the office and one in my bedroom, they all manage to have pens that no work, coins, crayons and unsharpened pencils!!!

  6. Caryn B says

    This is the story of the nurse (health care provider). We actually hoard pens for this very reason. : )


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