DIY Gift: Fairy House Kits

The best things in life are free….

Or nearly.

I’ve loved fairy houses ever since I can remember.  It’s been one of my greatest pleasures as a parent, watching and helping my kids while away an afternoon crafting and playing with their magical abodes.

The Waldorf School that my kids used to attend was a great source of fairy house inspiration for us. Every year at their Harvest Festival they set up fairy house crafting stations with all sorts of “supplies”. They also sell pre-assembled kits to take the fun home.

This inspired me to assemble some kits myself this year, to hand out as gifts. It doesn’t cost very much or take a lot of time to assemble but I’m pretty sure that these kits will be a huge hit with the recipients and will provide more playtime value than half the plastic junk on my kids lists.

I’m sharing my process with anyone else who’d like to give this creative gift this year.

Note: No two kits are ever going to be alike, nor are any two fairy houses or any two kids. Be sure to document the process when your child crafts their house and take a lot of photos.  You’ll want to remember what they made and it’s a gift for you too!

Fairy House Kits also make AWESOME party favors.

What possibly goes into a Fairy House Kit:

  • Fluff (cotton batting, cotton balls, wool or other naturally fluffy materials)
  • Acorns, Nuts,
  • Seeds or Beans
  • Wooden Spools
  • Broken Jewelry Bits
  • Sequins, Sparkly Gems, Glass beads, Marbles
  • Twigs and Bark
  • Moss
  • Driftwood bits
  • Tiny tins or wooden boxes
  • Cast off Dollhouse items
  • Thimbles
  • Wooden Chopsticks
  • Ribbon, Thread, Raffia
  • Seashells
  • Feathers
  • Pretty Stones
  • Dried or Silk Flowers
  • Small vial of glitter
  • Buttons
  • Imagination!

Layer items in a see through cello bag and tie with ribbon or raffia. Attach a label. Tie the entire package onto a larger piece of bark, or place inside an empty oatmeal container (label removed)

Happy crafting!



  1. Isabel says

    I had no idea you are so crafty Ciaran. You are always surprising me in the most delightful ways!

  2. says

    oh my – i love this! we have had a fairy house bonanza this past month or so over here… and i blogged on my daughter’s natural material fairy houses and fairy herb gardens just this week. i would love to share this on my facebook page – what a sweet idea! thank you!


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