Buying shoes online? Buy a Brannock Device first!

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I got this baby shower gift from a wise WISE friend. It wasn’t a cute fuzzy animal or impossibly small top. It wasn’t a practical breast pump accessory or even a humor book to see me through the sleepless nights.

It was infinitely more practical.

It was a Brannock device.

You’ve seen them before, in shoe stores. You rely on them to tell you what the heck size shoe to buy after your children have gone through an impossible growth spurt (two sizes? in a week!?).

My wise friend knew that with the arrival of baby #4 there would be a lot of growth spurts and little time for trucking all the many feet in our family to a shoe store for an accurate measure. I really, really rely on shopping online but that requires knowing their sizes.

I wasn’t so sure I’d actually use the Brannock device when she gave it to me. But at this point, I’m a believer. I’ve gotten more use out of this thing than you can imagine! I’m tempted to purchase the euro version as well since so many of the shoes we shop for are Euro brands.

It’s funny the things we find we really “need” as parents. I’ll try to keep the Brannock device in mind as I tour the ABCkids Expo next week.

What unusual bit of kid gear has kept you sane?

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2 Responses to Buying shoes online? Buy a Brannock Device first!
  1. Tracy McElroy
    September 20, 2011 | 8:16 pm

    that is brilliant! I have to buy a baby gift in the spring and this it it! Thanks so much.

  2. […] read on. Its one of those foot measuring do0dads that you always see in shoe stores. Check out the Brannock Device Blog Post Here for more details on why this might just be the best baby shower gift […]

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