{Tutorial} Fab Ideas for Covering School Books

Did you cover your school books when you were in school?

As a kid I religiously collected cool stickers (to use on brown paper) and wallpaper samples to cover my school books.  Great importance was assigned to my choices. I’d be lugging and looking at those books all year long. No boring wrappers for me. From wacky packs to funky foils, my books never went naked.

Nowadays you can purchase ready made solutions but it sort of depresses me to see schoolbooks dressed in cheap spandex like they’re about to “get physical”. I don’t think the spandex does very much to protect the books either. It just embarasses them.

Making book covers is not rocket science. Even the craft impaired can do this. For little to no cash outlay.

The possibilities are endless of course, but I started a pinboard to get you started crafting your textbook covers. Here are five book-covering projects I’ve collected on pinterest

Got a project for me to add to the board? Leave me a comment with the link.  Or just comment and tell me how you decorated your own school books, back in the day!  Did you use interesting paper? Maps? Wacky Packs anyone?

Fabric Book Covers

Duck Tape Book Covers

Traditional (Brown Paper & Contac Paper) Book Covers

Softcover to Hardcover Book Re-Vamp

Kate Spade Free Vintage Print Paper for Book Covers


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