{Review} Udi’s Gluten Free Brings Back Comfort Food

It’s been over ten years since I went gluten free.

It wasn’t fashionable when I stopped eating wheat and avoiding gluten. I wasn’t being trendy. People just thought I was weird. I didn’t have a lot of options for breads/cakes/pastries etc and for the most part I learned to live without.

Doing without didn’t bother me for the most part. I was so glad I felt better that I didn’t miss the things making me sick.

Except for a few things. Comfort food. Party food. The food everyone else was eating when we went out to a barbecue or a picnic. The food from my childhood that I was making for my kids for an after school snack. And I missed having tea and cookies before bed.

Over the years I’ve tried assorted brands of gluten free breads and cookies and for the most part found them so unpalatable that I was happy to do without again. The flavor or the texture just didn’t make the empty calories worth consuming!

This is not the case with Udi’s.

Which is why for my lunch today I had the above grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.  Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup were a staple of my youth. The perfect snack for a chilly afternoon. I never ate much at lunchtime but afterschool I’d make myself some cheesy toast and a cup of soup before settling into homework. I’ve missed that combo so!

This particular open faced sandwich was made with Udi’s Whole Grain Bread and Trader Joe’s  Cheddar Gruyere Melange cheese (I highly recommend – you only need a little for great big flavor!). The texture of the Whole Grain Bread is moist yet fluffy, with a slight nutty crunch. It’s perfect for sandwiches and tastes just like the “real” bread I remember from my youth. I’m pretty picky about bread texture and just won’t eat it if it doesn’t have the right feel and flavor.

Lucky for me that Udi’s gave out this bread at the Cheap Sally party at BlogHer 11. I scored four loaves from out of towners who had no room left in their luggage to fly their gluten free bread home, and I’ve been happily sandwiching ever since. The bread has frozen and thawed well for me, which is another great thing to note!

Other comfort food that Udi’s is bringing back for us gluten free folk, include granola, bagels, pizza, muffins & cookies (their snickerdoodles are a little too yummy, I’d have to fight the kids for a bite), and hotdog & hamburger buns.

Yes, others have attempted this but Udi’s is doing it better. Udi’s makes the gluten free products that I actually want to eat. Which worries me a little. I could gain a lot of weight with all those newly available carbs!

I can’t help but reflect on how much this means not just to me but to kids who are headed back to school this fall. I’ve learned to live with my dietary restrictions. But for a kid who just wants to eat a burger or a muffin like everyone else, this is a lifesaver. Finally they get to partake in normally forbidden food. It’s refreshing to serve up something that isn’t a compromise, or “weird” looking or tasting.

In fact, your kids friends would probably not even notice it was gluten free (and healthy, shhh)  if you didn’t mention this fact.

Follow Udi’s on Twitter and Like Udi’s Facebook  Page for more information, community links,  and recipes from this brand.

But don’t blame me if you gain a few pounds!

While at BlogHer  I attended a party where I received samples of Udi’s Bread and tested their cereal. Udi’s has compensated me for my time and administrative expense associated with posting this in a timely fashion. Opinions and picky picky personality are my own.  I wouldn’t share my lunch with you unless it was good enough to share!

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