BlogHer11 Highlights, Momfluential Edition

I’m not sure I am qualified to write a BlogHer post as I have only been to one session in the three years I’ve been going. It’s not that I don’t want to go to sessions. It’s just that everything else seems to get in the way.

My first BlogHer, in Chicago, I was a member of the Socialluxe team, throwing a huge party. Last year, in New York City, I was busy with Project Momcasting, working to gather interviews and develop a reality television show about bloggers.

This year, in San Diego I was all set to have a chill experience. To really DO BlogHer for a change. Sessions, parties, lunches, the whole shebang. I was excited about taking a train (no xanax hangover) and having so many local friends there.

But then I got a call that there was work to be done for Project Momcasting again. We’re moving forward again, in typical hurry up and wait fashion. This was all hurry up and I was back on the clock with an alternative agenda. Bittersweet. Thrilled about the show, but sad I couldn’t just kick back and experience the conference.

Still, despite my lack of free time, despite the awkwardess of being “that woman making the reality show about bloggers” (trust me, this sort of intro makes people love/hate you and occasionally act weird after they meet you) I STILL had a great time.  I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of my time in San Diego. Here are some of my highlights from BlogHer11.

  • The luxury of packing FAR too many shoes. They all got worn.

  • Running into this woman carrying a giant knit dildo outside a party. Strange. But that’s pretty classic
  • A loud, crazy, careening pedi cab ride.
  • Hanging with Shanna of Site Squared, a good friend and the awesome designer of my Francie Pants site. I still cannot believe she has twice as many kids as me.
  • Meeting Rosalind Wiseman, who I’ve long admired, and genuinely liked for a full two hours *before* realizing who she actually was. Probably for the best, I would have been too starstruck to chat. Authors always get to me.

  • Meeting the amazing Kathryn Kinney who has an advanced degree in Epidemiology, which made total sense to me. I loved her, and her fabulous fascinators!

  • Driving home with Angry Julie and Kelly from Just Spotted OC and fitting an impossible amount of luggage into the Nissan Quest that was provided by Nissan, for Julie to drive to the conference.

But the ultimate highlight of BlogHer11 for me, was (somewhat ironically) the day I spent with the awesome development people from 3Ball.  Morgan and Patrick came down to the conference for a bit of an intro/tour of the Mom Blogging world. Sitting and chatting with them and a few of my favorite local (and not so local) bloggers, listening to their stories and watching Morgan and Patrick take it all in,  I remembered why I wanted to make this tv show. I was inspired again. I was proud. Of all of us.

You all are the story. With or without the production company, it’s such an honor to tune in.


  1. Kate, aka Guavalicious says

    You guys fit an amazing amount of stuff in that car! I hope BlogHer is never within driving distance for me because I could never resist the lure of packing everything to bring and then bringing even more stuff home.


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