Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Day

I went to a fantastic U2 concert this week and although I got to SEE him up close, I had a hard time time taking a photo of Bono (would have helped if I had known I could bring a real camera – I only had my iPhone). Every time I snapped I got another image that was just a giant ball of light. The man stands in the spotlight. A lot.

But it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

As a musician, a rockstar and a human being, Bono has brought a lot of light into the world with both his music and his work with One and Amnesty International.  And he continues to push social responsibility, including responsibility for the carbon footprint & environmental impact of this present tour. I was fortunate enough to get a backstage tour and witness some of the work that the band and their tour production company LiveNation are doing with the help of Effect Partners & Music Matters to “green” the 360 tour. But that is a whole other post.

The night after I saw the concert my daughter graduated 8th grade. She’s now the same age I was when I went to my first U2 concert and was infected with a love for their music. The principal’s commencement speech? Was about… u2!

In a nutshell he told a tale of Bono’s struggles at school and how he was ultimately kicked out, with dire predictions for his ability to learn and success at life. The message was that we’ve all got great gifts to share, though it may take some time to find the right environment for our specific gifts to grow and flourish.

I felt a little like he was speaking directly to my daughter. Her struggles to learn in a conventional school setting due to severe dyslexia, have been many. She’s faced some outrageous predictions but also has been fortunate enough to win over and dazzle several educators who see her creative brilliance. This same principal asked her to remember him when she gets her first directorial Oscar.

It was a perfect speech for her and for me, and a perfect moment of synchronicity in my week,

Not so Wordless Wed, as usual!


  1. says

    Me thinks you have a little U2 obsession going back to your school days…..perfect way to start the summer!

  2. Ciaran says

    You think? Wait till you read my upcoming post about refashioning my bedspread into the Irish flag. I’m not a dork about many celebs but apparently I can still channel my inner 14yo and be a dork about U2!

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