101 Activities of (Slacker) Summer

I’m mesmerized by the 101 activities meme popping up on blogs, Facebook and Pinterest.

Rainbow colored pudding. Rocket shaped ice pops. Homemade hot air balloons and hovercrafts. Activities that embrace culinary excellence, creativity, crafting, education and more. I’d like to do them all!

But I know I won’t.

Because in all honesty, if I manage to get everyone dressed out the door and to the pool for a swim before noon in the summertime, it’s a small miracle. One that I’ll probably need the rest of the afternoon to recover from.

I’m grateful for the inspiration from these lists but in reality I don’t have the time to even shop for all the supplies, let alone complete all these crafts. I thought summer was about taking it easy for a change. Can I please *under* achieve a little this summer? Would you hate me if I made an alternative list? One that I could actually achieve?


Good. Because I already made that list. It’s low on supplies and easy on ambition.

You might notice there’s only 21 things on *my* list. That’s because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the impossibility of doing it all. If you manage to make it through to 21, you can lather, rinse repeat.


  1. Buy Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Truck. Eat while sitting on the curb
  2. Fill a Rubbermaid tub with water and watch how many ways your kids can amuse themselves. It’s a tub! It’s an ocean! It’s an aquarium  Note: you may want to discourage use of live fish
  3. Introduce your offspring to the joy of laying around in your underwear, watching Scooby Doo for half the day. Make them practice saying “And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”
  4. Paint everyone’s toenails a different color.
  5. Convince your kids that your house is a restaurant. After they come up with a menu, make them serve you and bus the table.
  6. Consider making homemade popsicles, then realize there is nothing in the fridge, your blender’s been missing the lid since your last margarita party and that your kids like Otterpops better anyway. Make Otterpops. Watch Scooby Doo while they freeze. Note: Otterpops are also an excellent alternative to lemonade in case someone gets the big idea to host a lemonade stand. Way less messy. Freeze bunches!
  7. Make a sheet fort in the backyard. All you need are sheets, chairs and a clothesline if you are fancy.
  8. Chalk self portraits on the driveway. Or marker self portraits on paper if you don’t have chalk, or a driveway.
  9. Hunt for shapes in clouds, rocks and leaves.
  10. Eat Breakfast for Dinner, and Dinner for Breakfast
  11. Stalk a Food Truck
  12. Name all the bugs in your yard. We think Marvin is magnificent for a pillbug.
  13. Dress up the dog, the cat, your younger siblings and Grandpa, if you can get away with it. Hold a parade, in costume.
  14. Mummify someone with toilet paper
  15. Make Wanted Posters of your family members for imaginary crimes. Distribute only to neighbors with a sense of humor.
  16. Two words: Wacky Hair
  17. Draw a picture and write a description of your dwelling for a pretend real estate listing.
  18. Hit the drive-through en route to a picnic – no need to pack a basket or utensils
  19. Bug Cemetery – use rocks, sticks, leaves and flowers to create your bug cemetery.  Don’t forget to memorialize all the spiders you’ve ever killed and any of the bugs you named earlier, who didn’t make it.
  20. Empty spray bottle waterfight.
  21. Name all the colors in the sunset sky.

There you go my friends. The summer is young. No time like the present to strip down to your underwear and turn on the tv.


  1. says

    Now that does make a good list! I have also been oohing and aahing over the 100 Summer lists, but this is really much more my speed. Thanks for the inspiration!


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