Sock Toy Tutorial: Lost Baby Sock & Bootie Monsters

Yesterday I posted this picture of some cute handmade toys for Wordless Wednesday. Today I’m sharing how to make them. It’s really very easy! All you need is some felt, an old baby bootie and a loner sock. If you have children, and a washing maching, odds are you have most of this stuff in your home already.

I went a little wild making booties for my son. Blame it on the bed rest. But I knit a ridiculous number of booties. My faves were the fuzzy ones. They were so adorable and petlike that I sewed some felt eyeballs onto them. Amusing.

Of course they never stayed put on my baby’s feet. And before I knew it I literally had three oddball booties sitting in a drawer. Months passed. I could not bear to part with them.  I had no idea what I would do with them until one day I found the solution to the lost bootie problem in the lost sock basket.

Clearly I have a baby foot fetish because when I was not knitting booties, I was buying silly, cute socks. I had quite a collection. But much like the booties, these socks had a way of losing their mates. Usually in the wash. Where do all those socks go?  I don’t exactly remember what inspired me. All I remember was folding laundry one day, thinking sadly about the lone booties and thinking the words “I gotta stuff a sock in it!” Literally. I ran to the drawer, grabbed a lone bootie and knew it was destined for a new life.

To make these Washer Critters you will need:

  • mateless (or sacrificial) bootie
  • felt for eyes
  • embroidery floss & a needle for eyes
  • lone baby socks (the more colorful, the better)
  • yarn or thread (try to match the color of the bootie, use same yarn if possible) and a needle
  • stuffing/cotton
  1. Stuff the baby sock with the cotton. Don’t overstuff it – it should be filled but not packed,  still a little squishy. Don’t bother sewing the sock closed. It won’t really matter.
  2. Stuff the baby sock into the bootie. The open part of the sock should go towards the toe of the bootie.
  3. Play around a little with the position of the sock, if there is a design on it. The opening of the bootie will be the “mouth” of your creature and the sock design will be the inside of the mouth. If there is a design element you want to show, make sure it’s placed correctly.
  4. Thread your needle with the yarn and stitch carefully around the cuff/opening of the bootie, attaching the bootie to the stuffed sock inside. Don’t pull stitches too tight. Play around a little with the shape of the mouth opening if you like. It can be a circle or more of a smiling shape.
  5. Cut circles out of contrasting felt for creature eyes. Use embroidery floss to attach felt circles to bootie. Use blanket stitch around perimeter or simply go up and through the middle for the most basic eye.
  6. Name your Critter!

These Lost Sock Creatures would make great stocking stuffers for a  2yr old.

Pointer: The same basic technique also works with outgrown knit caps (use a larger sock or pair of baby leggings or tights). See example of a hat monster below:



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