Pancakes from Scratch

Last night we had a sleepover. There were a lot of hungry tween and teen girls in my house in addition to babyfluential and boyfluential. But not a lot of food. A quick trip to the grocery store for blueberries and buttermilk (and several sticks of butter) remedied the situation. I used this pancake recipe (with liberal additional of fresh blueberries and a splash of buttermilk) and the following recipe for Chef Brad’s Buttermilk Syrup. I picked up this syrup recipe at the Thermador test kitchen this past week while checking out their latest technology. Which is good… very very good. Particularly for those who would like to make syrup, without letting it boil over. They’ve got a Sensor Dome induction range that takes the temp of your food and keeps it from making a mess. Not that anyone (cough, my husband, cough) lets pots boil over on a near daily basis here.

This syrup is incredibly good. Because it is so bad. But you only need a little. Such a treat! This is also a magical experiment in cooking. The syrup undergoes a change in consistency that is fun to behold.

Chef Brad’s Buttermilk Syrup

1 1/2 cups butter (3 cubes)

1 1/2 cups buttermilk

3 cups Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla

3 Tsp Baking Soda

In a large sauce pan (make sure it is large, this syrup will grow when you add the vanilla and soda) place the butter, buttermilk and sugar. Bring to a boil stilling. Remove from heat and whisk in vanilla and soda. It will foam. Now it is ready to serve. Yum!


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